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Politics of Sunday, 3 July 2005


Beware Of These Hypocrites ? NPP Chairman

A leading member of New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Yaw Amankwah, has called on Ghanaians not to lose sight of the fact that most of the leaders of the ?Wahala? demonstrations, are a bunch of self-seeking politicians who are bent on capitalizing on the ignorance of the masses to achieve their selfish political ambitions.

He noted that these elements are hitherto crusaders of equal wealth-sharing that they promised would terminate our frustrations and were even prepared to kiss death if they failed to deliver on their promise.

He made this statement in an interview by the Weekend Crusading GUIDE in Kumasi. Mr. Amankwah noted that the strange ideologies they have ?shadowed? many off, inflicted brutalities on many Ghanaians forced some into exile and dispossessed some of their hard-won legally acquired property and business establishments, adding that the psychological trauma of their victims has sent them to the grave. He added that then poverty was their bed-fellows, but now what do we see, they own factories and mansions in and outside the country and ride in remote-controlled cars and that they are counted among the affluent in society and failed to help the masses who blindly followed them.

He called on the leaders of ?Wahala? to stop making noise in the country because Ghanaians now know their black propaganda which is to create chaos in the country. He added that they cannot fool most of the people all the time now that Ghanaians are wiser than ever.

Going to town, Mr. Amankwah called on the Former Deputy Minister of Defence, Dr. Tony Aidoo, to shut up and stop making ugly noises which cast a slur on his integrity as a scholar and academician, adding that, ?If Tony Aidoo is telling Ghanaians today that NPP was built on corruption then his NDC was also built on killings and suppression of the masses?. He added that corruption had been with the country for ages in both the democratic and military regimes and therefore it is wrong for NDC to associate the canker with the NPP.

He noted that the eight years of the NDC administration was full of corruption, but they used the criminal libel law to suppress the media from highlighting them. He added that the utterances of Dr. Tony Aidoo and other such inflammatory statements will not help in consolidating the country?s young democracy.

He appealed to Ghanaians not to give the NDC their approval because they collapsed Ghanaian businesses, adding that the bad seed that NDC planted in the country has now grown for all to see. Mr. Amankwah who was the former Chairman of NPP New Jersey stated that the leader of (PNDC), Mr. Jerry John Rawlings, killed people for jut 50,000 cedis but now using a Jaguar in this country, saying ?God save Ghana Politics?. He said Ghanaians should praise President Kufuor for his bold decision in increasing the fuel prices. If not that, the country could have collapsed by now.