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Politics of Thursday, 2 April 2015


Affirmative Action: NDC's Solomon Nkansah denigrates NPP leadership

A decision by the National Council of the New Patriotic Party to rescind its 'affirmative action’ has been described as an inept act by the National Communications Director of the ruling National Democratic Congress.

“They are arrogant and insolent; if that wasn’t the case you wouldn’t have a small number of them taking decisions for the over five million supporters they have. They don’t have respect [for] their members,” he asserted.

The controversial affirmative action policy was adopted by the National Executive Council of the party but created tension among NPP members.

For this reason, the National Council of the party called an emergency meeting to deliberate on the issue and made a massive u-turn on Wednesday.

But speaking to Pink FM, Mr. Solomon Nkansah described the entire decision-making body of the NPP as a bunch of people who are not knowledgeable when it comes to doing things on behalf of their mass members.

“NPP leaders are not assertive and firm when it comes to decision making. That side of them is a mark of weak leadership arising out of lack of knowledge,” he bluntly said about them.

In his view, the party doesn’t deserve to have the current crop of leaders they have.

“The so called leaders of the NPP don’t have the requisite skills to lead the party. When I advised them some days ago about their weakness, they harshly insulted me,” he added.