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Delightful DC Kwakye Quotes

  • Before Kwame Kwakye come DC all Oda water Milo (meaning before Kwame Kwakye became DC Oda water was dirty and looked like Milo - the cocoa drink)


  • If You Come To Ewisa, First House Dont Enter, Second House Dont Enter, Third House Enter Mine


  • My people too much of eyes open is eyes close


  • Since Osagyefo cannot division himself into twice, he has disappointed me to come and open this pipe. Now pipe open, water come, people drink, it can cook, it can wash, it can do nothing at all.


  • "If not Kwame Nkrumah, then me I am the who? All of you, you are the where?"


  • The time Dr. Kwame Nkrumah took me to abroad river subin was nkakranation. But now see saw whe, whe ne beuatiful ne, ne feefe whe ne progress ne, ne nkosoa.


  • D C Kwakye, do you have children?.
    Ans: No, because I'm a man, only women give birth.


  • Ques: DC Kwakye have you come across General Afrifa
    Ans; Yes, I just across Africa


  • "What I don't like most is promise and failure."


  • I stand in the foot of Osagefo Dr kwame Nkrumah


  • "I DC Kwakye Thank you for inviting me to open your new water project,
    now open your pipe, pipe open, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta !!!!!!!!!!!! "


  • "Hon Kwame Kwakye, what is your occupation?"
    Ans: "I occupy the whole of Akyem Oda district"


  • Q: "And what is your mission here?"
    Ans: "I'm a Roman Catholic"


  • "Because of my gynebeality, people are working myself mathematics". Meaning in twi-- enam me gyena bea nti nu nkrofu bu me hu akonta.


  • "From Akim-Oda to Kraboa coal tar Meaa me botom"


  • "Today the Ghana flag will flew"


  • "You Akim Oda students you say you are on stroke"


  • "Hon Kwame Kwakye, what is your motto?"
    "I don't have a motor, I have a mercedes benz car"


  • D.C. Kwakye in Court.

    Welcome D.C. Kwakye
    Ans. Welcome D.C. Kwame Kwakyes.

    Ques. Are you going to speak English or Vernacular ?
    Ans. Am to speak English becos am Englishman. Do you see me wearing my coat, in my trouser, my shoe and in my tie? ( Meaning he was dressed like an Englishman ) As the car burn the corf na etua mu.......


  • The whole of Akyem Oda am burglar...( meaning he is popular )


  • A meeting was called and DC Kwame Kwakye could not get there on time. So doors were shut and the meeting began. During the course of the meeting there was a Knock at the door.
    Visitor: KNOCK, KNOCK...
    Chairperson: Who is that?

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