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Coronavirus could be airborne – WHO study reveals

Comment: Evil scientists & politicians among us

2020-03-22 19:52:58
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Coronavirus could be airborne – WHO study reveal

Th world needs to be aware of evil politicians and evil scientists among us. These evil elements may be few in numbers, yet their diabolical escapades are capable to causing unforeseen havoc on the world at large. And after they have unleashed their deadly viruses on soceity, the next thing that follows are usually lies about animals and poor nations as sources of the viruses. Aids was unleashed, and the Americans blamed Haiti and its homoseual community infecting American male tourists who then took it back to Amwerica. this would have been believable, except that the AIDS epidemic was tearing down both the homosexaul communities and the female prostitute communities in America in large numbers. Haiti, as poor as it is, stood up to America's bullshit lies. America quickly found an alternative target to blame for the origination of the AIDS virus, and Congo was it. The American scientists claimed the Aids virus was in monkees, and that a Congolese hunter killed and ate a monkey with that had the virus, and contracted the disease. Clever but deviously stpid. What relationship is there between a village farmer in the Congo and the many homosexuals and prostitutes who were the initial sufferers of the AIDs virus? None. A lie was made against a poor nation in Africa, and that nation stayed silent.

Now then comes the corona virus, and American scientists were quick to claim that the virus came about by people in Hunan, China having eaten a contaminated bat. And soon, the virus was spreading to the entire globe. A contaminated bat? Heck no. A lab induced virus that is capable of being spread through the air.

Any time a new virus crops up and foreign scientists begin to assign blame to animals or innocent humans, the world should be suspicious. America has long known about hate groups in the USA and Europe planning to destroy non-whites around the world by unleashing lethal viruses within these communities of non-whites out of shear extreme hate. Thes ehate groups have members who possess great scientific minds, albeit evil ones. Yet no one ever looks towards these groups as potential sources of viruses except to point to helpless poor nations and and animals that can't speak or fight back human lies. And.........., need I continue?

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Evil scientists & politicians among us
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