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Health News of Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Source: Dickson Boadi, Contributor

Dr Louisa Ansong-Satekla demonstrates ideal tooth brushing technique for oral hygiene

It is with great significance and value that you know the right techniques on how to brush your teeth to stave off dental oriented disorders such as gingivitis and tooth decay.

According to award-winning Dental Surgeon, Dr. Louisa Ansong-Satekla, inappropriate technique used in scrubbing the teeth can be the primary cause of tooth abrasion, a condition in which the surface of the tooth is worn away.

"Last week, we talked about receding gums, a very common condition which I see daily in a lot of patients. For the majority of people affected, wrong tooth brushing technique and the wrong types of toothbrush is the major cause. A proper tooth brushing session comes down to the technique of brushing and not the strength with which you brush or how long you brush," She said.

In this episode of her weekly "Toothy Tuesdays" web show, Dr. Louisa educates the entire populace on the ideal and suitable tooth brushing method to employ in their daily hygiene routines. She recommends the modified bass where the brush has to be put in 45 degree at the front surface of the teeth while the bristles are projected in the pockets which surround the tooth as the ideal technique to be used often while practicing dental hygiene.

According to her, in this technique, there is a small circular motion which is done using the bristles in the pockets. Such bristles are then swept in a gum line and in the biting surface of a tooth before brushing over an entire front surface. This she explained, can clean easily the area found under the gingival margin and it helps in controlling periodontal infection.

"Brushing your teeth is non-negotiable, but also doing it for at least two minutes twice a day is great for your oral health," Dr. Louisa Ansong- Satekla concluded.