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Cat food not meat

I arrived in Japan Jan 1991, I went to shopping a week latter, all the writing I saw was Japanese, I took a "cannedwhich" has a picture of a cat indicating that the content must be cat meat. I was so happy that at least I could now get a canned cat meat in Japan, I ask the lady at the counter in english if it was really cat meat, but I did not understood what she told me, so I bought five and did stew with it. I took the stew with rice and had stomach problem, so I stop eating the stew. After one year I was able to read Japanese and just to find out it was a cat food but not a cat meat. I never told any of my friends.

Rice Water

A few years ago in London i went shopping in my local sainsburys food store, as i waited at the till to pay for my goods i heard a man shouting at one of the sales assistants who was trying to help him , the whole conversation went something like this, the man apparently Ghanaian, asked the woman who was white, for a can of 'Rice Water', at this the sales assistant explained to the man that the shop did not sell rice water and that she did not know what he was taking about.

The man started shouting that his wife comes in all the time to buy Rice Water and that the girl did not respect him so he wished to speak to the store manager, at this i sort of figured what he was after and the explained to the sales assistant that the guy was after Rice Pudding, which is the British name, at this the man looked at the girl with a big grin and said ' ah ha Rice Pudding that right, Rice Pudding. Sometimes only us Ghanaians can understand certain English.

Internet love does not work for everybody

I found this as funny but it is sad as well.Most Ghanaian girls and boys find their love online but it is dangerous. It wasn't too long ago, I met some guy online. We were friends at the beginning and he became my lover.. It was funny 'cos he treated me like a queen online. Some months later, we met each other physically and he told me again he loves me. I slept with him several times and told my friends he's going to marry me. they all warned me but being ignorant I did not take their advice.

Now the guy left me without giving me the reason. So I want to tell my Ghanaian sisters to take it easy online 'cos the guys are not prepare to marry us. They just want to use us.I know it works for some people but it is DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!


Once upon a time in 1999 Dec 15 l arrived at JFK AIRPORT in usa. On arrival l needed the bathroom to reduce alot of water from my bladder. lo and behold a white man was approaching me so l whispered to him kindly show me the bathroom. The reply was we have restrooms. Then l said again l do not mean to sleep. Then he further said this is an opportunity to use the restroom as sugguested. l stared and left. Finally l decided to use the so call restroom. hmm that place was really a bathroom from my point of knowledge. After l finished l went near the tap to wash my hands believe me l did not open it at all l saw was it has opened by itself. Learn therefore that SOME taps are sensors.

The Case of "Abetea" in New York.

Two illiterate Ghanaian guys living in Harlem, New York, decided one day to prepare some local Ghanaian food. These guys (let me call them Kofi and Kwame), prepared "abetea" or commonly called "face the wall" with some fresh fish and okro soup to go with it.

In the course of enjoying the food, Kofi started choking on a fish bone.

Kwame realising the seriousness of the problem, called 911 immediately for help. When police and paramedics personel arrived, the following conversation ensued between Kwame and the police officer:

Police: What happened to your brother?
Kwame: Oh, my brother, he is eating "abetea" and the "kasei hea no" (meaning, he was eating "abetea" and choked on a bone).
Police: You said he was eating what?
Kwame: oh, "abetea".
Police: What is "abetea"?
Kwame: Oh, sorry you don't know "abetea". Its Fufu's brother.
Police: Who the hell is Fufu in the first place?
Kwame: Its Ghanaian Food.
Police: Never mind.

---Daniel Amoah, New York.

True internet love:)

If two years ago someone had mentioned to me that I would find my true love on the Internet, I would have laughed in his/her face, but now I have realized that there are no particular places for one to meet his/her true love. It is only destiny. I started using the Internet a year and a half ago and landed on the Ghana web page, Joy FM to be exact.

I was browsing around and I came to the subtitle "Female seeking men." I stop to read the ads of other females and out of curiosity, I decided to post one, unaware that I was going to meet the man that is now my world. Well, I did and we are now happily committed in a strong relationship.

I wrote this to say to all the females and males out there who have given up on love, please don't throw in the towels, keep the faith, because true love is out there. Who knows, he/she might capture your heart on the Internet. Only remember to put God first in all that you do and you will never go wrong. peace!

~elegant woman, USA

Fake Pastors in North America

I would like all Ghanians to start praying for the entire Pastor's in North America, especially those in Canada. The pastoral ministry has taken a new turn in their systems. Christianity has become big business; good church is now the Pastor who can fool people with the so called gift of healing. Some with their strong fetish background are fooling people that it is a gift from God and doing pray for me in their small nasty offices. Simply because Ghanaian always want somebody who will tell them false stories or who will interview and solicite for their secret and based on that use their psychological abilities to decieve them.

Also good Church is big building and selling kenkey and other goddies. The Churches has become one man show. They gather people waste their time, dupped them from their little monies and eventually will kick them out. To save themselves as the so called "anointed Pastors" will try all mean to paint these poor soul black in the Ghanaian community in Canada. Recently, I heard of a Pastor in Toronto, who have mistreated and rubbed a poor friend of the Ghanaian Canadian community for six years and finally dumped him. He is now saying things in his pulpit to disgrace this innocent Pastor for thing. May God help us and give us new vision and understanding to his word. If you want to be a pastor , try to be one and don't become a lier. God bless readers.

--Peace I thought nobody had noticed how these ghanaian churches are dupping our Ladies of their hard earned dollars, most of them without the knowledge of Their husbands.

i live in north america and i am a witness to a situation where a pastor Started appealing for funds by mentioning people's names and how much they Must pay starting from $2000.00. This is not happening in only a singular Church it has become a virus in all the so-called ghanaian churches*** from Alaska to florida.

these churches allow people to give false and unbelievable testmonies, And show off their new clothes. Others are using psychology to take an Advantage of people in the name of the good god.

What is more, all the monies, thousands of us$, is never used to improve the Lives of the congregation and their families but to the families of the Clergy here and those in ghana.

i will always pray, for the almighty to help the innocent majority to know him better.

Its unfortunate that people allow themselves to be misled by dubious characters who claim to be pastors. Usually these self-acclaimed pastors are those who could not make anything good out of their chain of American degrees. As a long time resident of Northern California I have noticed one of such congregations taken root in Los Angeles and a branch is underway in Oakland. I attended service a couple of times and observed that most of the members were ignorant or frustrated individuals who think these impostors can work miracles for them. Its time these people wake up.
--Nana Kofi Brobbey

I find it intresting when i read those two articles about churches in north america Canada to be specific. It is true that there are a lot of false prophets but believe me there are anointed men of God who wish that the whole world will turn to JESUS.If you read Hebrews 13 : 17 you will see that this pastor who dup our brothjers and sisters will be accountable to God it will be a sad day for those Pastors. when Jesus COMES.I will appeal to all good christains out there to pray that those pastors will be exposed and also fresh anointing will fall on us christians in other to have the abiliuty to discern good and bad pastors.
blessings on all of you