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Yellow Corn

Do U Remember when yellow-corn was the order of the day in Ghana. Those were the days when man had yellow-corn "coco" (sugerfree) for breakfast, yellow-corn banku for lunch and yellow-corn kenkey for dinner (fishfree). I recall there was yellow-corn soap. Acheampong (may his soul rest in peace) tried to convince us it was better than the white corn, although rumour has it yellow corn was banned from the castle and all yellow castle walls were re-painted. Ghana was hard my brothers and sisters. - by Obrefo William

Those were the days T-roll, Sardine, key soap, etc were classified as essential commodities and queuing was a full time job. Those were the BAD old days.
- by Osei Barko


Gone are the days when Ochristo, Tikolee and myself used to board the wooden 'tro-tro' bound for Tema to attend 'Stubee's' Math classes. To make sure that the fine honeys going in the opposite direction in their 'wabs' and 'beemers' didn't see us, we had to wait till a big bus obstructed their view, then it was everyone for themselves in hurling oneself onto that 'tro-tro' while in motion.

Bell Bo...

Gone are the days when "bell", "platform" and "skin tight" were the fashion of the time and "bump" was one of the popular dances. Those with strong hips and heavy weights could take the floor with their waists. SA, You mentioned "Bell" as the most fashioned trousers in those days. You forgot to mention that "Guarantee" the 20-30cm sole shoe also went with the trousers as the most fashioned guy in town. --NQH

Vanishing Gentails

Do U remeber when you were scared to shake the hands of friends for fear of losing your "thing". I lost mine in the process. This is not "Toli", so please webmaster let the people know and don't supress my information --Prince Kumi


Legonites of the late 70's and eighties should definatly remember CHARGING. Some folks claimed it was the only way they got enough apetite for their meals. In other words, charging was an apetizer. Asem beba debi! --Kwamina Danso

Afro Moses

How can you forget the days when "afro moses" became the shoe of the moment.Yes, the near replacement for the popular 'charlie wote ' Who can forget our adventures as the cargo trucks and articulators became the means of travel even on the Accra --Kumasi --Tamale roads.
Oh yes the era of the disco lights was quite innovative :::when out of scarcity, we had adapt empty beer bottles for the hurricane lanterns. Eye kania Eye disco special.
Call me a liar if you don't belive Ghana is a land of magicians and survivors . Kojo Asare