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Looking back there are soooo many good memories!

1) Chaskele; what happened to the game, one hardly sees anyone playing it anymore.

2) Gotta to Gotta (Gutter to gutter); gosh playing barefooted on those rough rouds and picking the ball out of those stinky gutters.

3) Mugu Yaro ; what happened to him? The comic should be revived for old times sake.

4) Chinese Kamboo ; that was the trend of the time. Add a pair of stretch jeans and you were the man. I never had any, my parents didn't cooperate.

5) Asamamo ; we used to sing all the way from Secondary school down to accra. When we reached the Dome barrier we had to change to soldier friendly songs. If not they would have drilled us for breaking curfew.

6) When we were kids riding bikes around Labone we would marvel at the older kids standing in front of Babylon and Keteke.

7) We ended our rounds by catching "gold fish" in the gutters of the neighbourhood.

Folks gone are the dayz and they will never come back!

greetz Kofi

All hail "Haviwo"

I very well do remember our days in Mawuli School ( 1999-2001). I recall the tough seniors we met: Asterix*, "Death", "Apizo", "Robinson Hood" (not Crusoe), McKenzy all in Wilberforce house. I also remember "Dilinger", "Boblar", and Fishbone and the way they were on us for external duties.

Remember "Pioto"? he wanted to be an "ATL" ( Above The Law) by taking a fish head out of the the hall and wept for it. Hey, RZa, where are you now? All the Mawuli school ambassadors to O.L.A. led by Totswe I still have all of you in mind. I remember when my mates went for "ghosting" and came back with the story that a goat had also come to prep with them saying "you dey mow, you dey mow".

Do you all 2001 Haviwo also recall how your girl prefects were made to promise they will run the race, and run it fast? Later it was "whatsoever and whosoever! not in Trost week". Hey "Radical" big ups to you.Mail me for more recalls.

Motown in the Hizzy for shezzy!

Y'all remember them good ol' days when people run away from the B.E.C.E. I remember I had a friend who did not study for the exams cos he thought he was going to fly to Germany afterwards. Not knowing, he was not that lucky and ended up in Suhum Sec Tech. Motown was off the chains even though I did not finish, But I attended from Class one to J.S.S three all in boarding house so I know a lot of things. From mother in lower boys to Mrs. Amusa to troublesome woman. She was something. I remember entertainment night on saturdays, snack, prep and all that fun stuff like games time.Y'all know what I'm talking about. Remember these names? Jackson T, Dade, Alligator, Stone, Shabba, Tifu, Y'LU, Bariba, Bongo, It goes on and on and on! It was tight at Motown J.S.S.


I remember during our "O" LEVELS at St Jonn's Grammar School in Achimota, we usually had our lunch around 11am just so we will be full and ready for the next "paper"....on such occasions, we usually eat straight from the cooking pots right off the fire.the norm food was rice and "grease" or kenkey and soup. The food were always hot and the soft ones{dada ba's} myself, ogbooda, Dapaah, Kwadwo Antwi, Abgenyah and the rest of the crew were finding it difficult to compete with the hard cores.

there was one particular guy...Adon Saddat who had fingers of steel, whilst we will be waiting for the food to cool down a bit, he will just put his hand into the boiling soup, scoop and eat all the fish and food to the satisfaction of his huge body and leave us with nothing. To this day, i look back on those days and wow, what a wonderful time we had on campus though we were being starved because of Adon Saddat. Guys, wherever you are, get in touch.
--Vincent Bekoe {Sydney Australia}


hi folks i never knew i would ever complete school wyth those days when we use to have much funs.hi menns do u remeber those days when Clootey use to put on those puss in boots, when twenebread use to wear that catholic rope to advertise her bread every moring @ the assembly ground. oh my God'can't think hard that skinny PINTO agiss boy on campus.yea 3b1gals do u remeber when Mercy danquah decided to run for Gibson and what really happened poor her.

Hey gibson gals i miss you all i guess u donot compete for killings in da dinning hall anymore. ARYEE gals i hope you stop your allele movements.hi is baba still alive and what's wyth that wicked manchester.oopsthose chicky chicks gals hope no more aleele i really miss you and abogrewho use to conn those gals on campus,fokofi, the school bursar,shwabi, kyei baffour mr.wiafi who always check on the pretty gals every evening for prep.oh yea do u remember SIC salomey is coming those days for sctatter man suferoo.when ATICO catches us..those days when i join the SIP.hey STAAGAIRN are you still kicking well never gyve up till the bones are still rotten. well those wyth our rival school ACCRA ACA BLEOOO, cha i wish the clock would turn back for a second just to experince school life once morei never knew all this fun wyll come to an end. i guess you all miss me and i do miss u all and auntie naa's banku who collects all our money.and fix concret for us during dinning.hi1998/200 group i miss u all.gibson gals, 3b1 gals and all my mennerscontact me on

Good Old Days

hi, folks do u remember gone are the days when we were admitted to AGISS in 1998. how the senoirs would punish us lyke syvia tompson,jane austin, and those gals. also durin' entertainment when those light poles i mean those couples(chicks)would dance their head off.hiyo3B1 gals do u remember shwabi,fokofi, and hmmm the BM teacher. all the same do u all remmeber manchester the wicked watch man who died. baba amugari the school pantry who use to conn those gals on campus. oh that was fun when i remember STAAGA and our rival school ACCRA ACA.GIBSON GALS i guess u do all remember me when twene bread use to wear that catolic rope and advertise her bread. Also when young girls use to put on the pussy in boot.not forgoting kyei baffour that wicked teacher. charlie u remeber douwn below man sufferoooo SIC>salomey is coming scattter when man has to run for prep when mr wiafi use to check on da gals in class.wassup ARYEE gals hope u stop your aleele moves.the smmuggling the gnashing the aleele and all those kinda thing over.3B1 gals when mercy danquah use to run for the school oh poor her.Auntie Naa banku. worst of it MRS damali thatred and white woman damn.the way the teachers use to run out of the school.the school bursar who's speech is very incredible my (l AND MY R).buddies and menners i know you do miss me alot and how it was really fun at school.those days when i join the cadet and SIP oh poor me. well i never knew all thiz would come to an end.all the same we still hold it tight for STAAGA.saint aguinas accra gals secondary school, we will never gyve up unto the bones are rotten menners u gat to mail me love