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Lady Lilly Whale Golden Queen Connie

Remembering the good old days suddenly throws this one about the most popular "chick" we had while in school. Lady Lilly Whale Golden Queen Connie was not a member of our House, she did not belong to our school. We did not even know her in person. She however made her name by one masterstroke of a letter she wrote to Koo Shortoz. Shortoz came to sixth form with very doubtful credentials. Our suspicions about his qualifications were further aggravated by his constant visits to the Headmaster's. Well, whatever his shortcomings were, he more than made up for it by contracting a trotro covenant with this wonderful lady. I am not too sure about what the terms of the contract were, but just a month after Shortoz left School, the "legal proof" document from our lady came.

Since Shortoz was not in at the time, we decided to read the contents just in case we might be needed to to to something immediately about it. And once we opened that letter, we discovered the secret of perpetual joy!!

It all came from BOSSTECH: BOSSO-SECONDARY-TECHNICAL"You remember that time when you and I sat in the same car and you discussed some thing with me and it made me not to worry distress about it? I want you to sent me sure(shoes)... I want you to sent me dress... I want you to sent money to buy splay(scents)...I want you to sent me grass(sunglasses, maybe) that I can dress for you and when the men in my town(but we were more convinced it was a village very close to a village which was three miles walk from the nearest village where one could get a taxi once in 3 days!) see me, they will call me.....and I will tell them: YOU MADE ME SO!"Yours faithful lover,Lady Lilly Whale Golden Queen Connie. --

Certainly, Koo Shortoz was one hell of a brave guy; having equalled Jonah's record this way by going to go to the bossom of this particular whale. From that first night, we often went back to that letter for humour when we were sad, for encouragement when we were down and even satisfaction when the gbeefloooo at the dining hall failed our gastronomic longings....

Oh, the things the son of man has suffered at the hands of these daughters of Eve. Even those from Boso. Yet those were also the good old days!!!!

Good ole Tamasco

Any Tamakoelian in the house? Do you remeber me Ammonia '93-95? If you do then I bet you already know what I'm saying.

Gone are the days when me, Lastic, Isaac, Faisal, Cletus, Zak, etc used to rule Tamasco. Our primary mission during those days ware to eat the all the ducks and goats that belonged to various house masters. We were skilled in fixing whole goat during prep, and ate it, and no one could dare report us. We were so bad that, I can't remember how many bonds we signed at the deciplinary comittee, especially me in particular. My house master (KaboKabo) hated me so bad that, he never wanted to see me with any junior w, cuz he was afraid of the sort of influence the poor green leave was gonna get. Man, junior school was the best, we were so close to the fence (girls dom). We were suppose to be at senior school, but we reserved a bed at junior school, so that we could always go and hang out and to see our chicks. Everybody during that period knew we ruled high on all the cute chicks in the school.&nb! sp; It is a long story, but as time goes by, I'll be sharing some of my stuffs with you, during my stay at Tamasco. Take this for now, and have fun. I've heard a lot of good stuff about the girls in Ghana now, they should just be patient till the Might Ammonia comes back to visit. But untill now, peace be unto you.


Was Enchill house under curse (92-94) or what. charley, from s1 to s3 you don't have peace but i look back and its all funny tales which i want to be par of again. i don't remember a week goin by with a fight between the famous fighter (Richard Sawyer) and anyone from NAZIRU to DAPAAH of WATSON. what a record to fight 100, draw one and lose 99. what about the fight between THADDEUS OMANE AND NAZIRU , SEXY BODY AND MOGYA, OKO GUAME AND CONELIUS, THE UPS AND DOWNS OF FLEXO. remeber the day FLEXO bangs his foots and the lights went out. i was look back and luagh and want love to live an hour of that moment if its possible. they is always any something to shout about, from scatter at the D-hall to the smely corridors. I MISS U GUYS ALL - ABOBY SHA, MARIGYATA, AZARO PEE, NINJA(THE SHORT ONE), AKINTOLA, BEEGEES, OWIATAA, MA MAN BERNADO WARRIOR HALIWANZY, C- , AND ALL THE BROTHERS AT CASFORD, WATSON AND THE SINGLES PINANKO. get in touch if u can, - do u remember me (BAZUKA).

Any Tamascan in the House?

This is Tamaclo-Boye! As a discipline prefect in 1994, I ruled Tamasco! I had the names and addresses of all the pretty girls on campus and would auction them off to the highest bidder in order to buy more sardines, gari, and milk. I once went back to my village, Walewale, with two hot Ashanti girls and was the talk of the town for a whole week because of the way I made show with those girls.

Charley, One day I was so broke that I sold my 3-Subject notebook to a "green-leave" - a form one student- with my class notes in it!. You see, I always left atleast 10 pages at the beginning of all my notebooks to make them appear as unwritten and I would also cover them with the newspapers to keep the covers clean. Well, as it turned out, the notebook that I sold to the green-leave and bought sheep liver and gari with the proceeds, I needed the book to review my notes for the mock exams so I had to pull a fast one on the poor green-leave once again. Well, I told him that the assistant girls prefect admired him and would like something of his to keep closer as a reminder of his love. I guy got very excited and gave up the note book before I even finished the sentence. Boy was I glad to get my notes back!

On every Tuesdays, all the senior prefects would charge the school bus and head to the Tamale New Market to scout for food and girls! We normally assembled at the dinning hall to hear ho had the most interesting story from the market and that guy would be the victoria crown for the week.

I met one of our national service teachers last summer during a research project at UCLA in California and he recollected how they all used to talk about my schemes. I am a clean guy now though.

Those were the good old days.

Sandema Secondary Technical School (San Sec/Tech )

Sandema Secondary Technical school(located in Sandema, capital town of Builsa District in the Upper East region started in 1979 with Mr. Emmanuel Kugri Daaran then Principal Teacher of education as first Headmaster). In 1980 saw the second batch of admissions into the school of which guys such as Kofi boye, Francis Badare,Jeff Edward Musore (alias Gabems ), Joseph Tapena (alias Joe Tapensee)Asoya ayinne, Imoro Jacob, Samuel Baba Adongo, Joseph Abugre, Bawa Asanga (alia Sexy Matuta), Achallah akuo( alias Achalla akpa), Bramah, Ahamed Isahaku ( 4th Senior Prefect after Baba Issah, Kojo azuimah and Gordon Ababaire), Martin Kweku, charles Luu, Wilbert akatote, David nsoh, desmond Adielleh, Camara, Clement asekunto, Godwin Yamba, Donatus Palsomma,Matthew ( alias ngulu), Michael atogra, Andrews Ayamgah and ladies such as Vida Anoya, ama Djato, Rebecca Azetum, Angelina Adombia,Theresa and Comfort.

The main lighting system for the school was hurricane lanterns and everyone had to possess one for night studies. classes were organised in class rooms without windows or lourves and doors. Dinning hall had no windows or lourves and no doors either. The girls domitory was about a mile from the boys domitory which also served as Administration block and food store. Boys domitory was about one mile from Dinning hall and classes. Students carried water every morning for masters and their seniors yet had to be on morning parade at 6.45am especially monday mornings when Mr. Daaran himself addressed the students with his "morning news"-demotion of prefects and appointments of new prefects. there was no democracy as far as the school was concerned at that time. however, suppression is only a temporal measure adopted by persons in authority to solve some problems and create new ones, ultimately, the powers that be were forced to secum to democracy and electoral college sort of system was introduced. The students interested in leadership positions were nominated by students and vetted by members of staff and those who passed the test were given some time to campaign before elections took place. The members of the students council who were expected to be non partisan assisted staff members in counting of votes. Those who won were then declared elected and sworned into office by the Headmaster.
---tikaha jeff edward musore


Those days in Aggrey Memorial Zion Secondary School wuz OFF DA HOOK FOR ME(SHOCKER), JESUS? HOW I WISH I COULD WIND BACK THE CLOCK OR JUST BE GIVEN 1 HOUR BACK IN AGGREY TO LIVE AGAIN, I really enjoyed every bit of it, going to JET CLUB AND ALSO THE OLD FAMOUS CENTRAL REGION CLUB HOUSE DANS PARADISE, FRIENDS(for kebabs and chilled gulder and star and SOLICE(for omu tuo),sunday league @ pinanko sport stadium while we wait to do (SCATTEY) AND ALSO TAAVI BANKU,NOT FORGETTIN the famous term (DABO)GOING TO AGGREY TO MEET MA HOMEBOYS&GIRLS LIKE(AZZARO, HALIWANZY MIKISIWAHILI,RAS GEGE,SHANTON, BRUSH, HEAVY D,BAZUKA,RAS PUSY,THE FAMOUS S.T.C ORGANISER, GUESS WHO? COME ON? OKAY, (DUNAA)ATIPOE SOLOMON, OKO GUAME,ODEWALE,BOAHENE CHARLES, GAZZA X,SKY,NICO,AGINGO MAROUSH, BERNARDO WARRIOR,SEXY BODY,AZIZA,BLUE BOY, NINJA,FLEXO, NAZIRU,SENYA BREKU,RAS BEGEES,and the belated homie(SCARE CROW WHO PASSED AWAY SADLY ON THE 17TH OF DECEMBER 95, R.I.P) HOMIE.) JO LARTI, BEF SISTERS,EMMA AYISI,EDDIE MURPHY(MARY LARTEY) The whole idea and feelin' wuz ELECTRIC,as soon as you go pass Mfantsiman Girls,you feel the vibe, the u see the back of brafiyaw, meaning either the STC is approachin' the school of of your Benz bus from Kaneshie, Whuteva direction you were comin' from,them the bus stops and u hear th kids shoutin'(blala, Blala, or the popular sayin' (MAA..SOM, MAA...SOM )By the gate waitin' for everybody would be those seniors who said the stayed over and learned, but all they did wuz fool around with drinks, weed and women

Aggrey Memorial DAYS [AMAMEZIANS] - 1986/93

Hey AMOSA!!! Remember......'Opobee' the headmaster - in an attempt to stop the rumour from the girls' side about seeing witches every night, he announced at assembly "IF YOU SEE A WITCH YOU WILL GO HOME".
I guess nobody can forget Auntie Fati 'waakye'. Sankofa Spot at Brafo-Yaw and the three registered members from Casford Hse - Budu, Evans, Dr. Gee (Wonderful). Eeeeei!!! Don't forget scarttey at the dinning hall by the guys before the girls arrive. Remember 'moftoto' the soup - I wonder if they still serve that roasted-corn flour soup. Taking smelling sleeping cloths to church service.
.....remember some of the teachers - Owu-addo (senior house master), Yaweh ano nnwe - WATR, Fuah (D-hall Master), Kopey - Math, Miss Abbew, etc.....and some of the guys - Sackey, SooKwaabe, Richson, Victor, Yaw Bio, Boketey bokiti all of Watson; Okpoti - Enchill Hse; Acquaah, Akupa - Pinanko Hse......serious I can't even remember most of the guynames
I never thought those days were going to be over. Life in the boarding house in those good old days for seven years was fun....I wish we can go back to live those days again
This is ELVIS [Toronto]- Dr. Gee (Casford Hse).....I really miss the good old days and ya all.... or You can get in touch with me.

life at Wenchi Secondary school

Ohh My, I feel nostalgic when i remember my two years in nWenchi secondary school. i remember when there was funfair at techiman secondary, and as entertainment prefect, i 'sold' all the seat in the boneshaker bus to students and ended up hanging by the bus.

Holy devil my mate could quote you all bible quotations but was the worst sinner. Becos he is Ewe, he placed an animal skull inn his chopbox, to scare all would be thieves, but not spalaz. I will always steal, till I was bribed off. I remember nearly beaten by hundred my mate, and how i was shaken behind the pacifiers, and still screaming abuses. I tell you if they had left him to come, i will have fainted of fright.

If you are in school, enjoy it, before you come out and join the bandwagon of working 18 hours a day. spalaz from Gambia

KGood Old daysDo u remember

Good old days in ghanas. from 1999 to 2001. being with all my crew members like t' blaze, puma, enegeoh, bone cracker. not forgetting the juaben serwaa and our dear boys aggrey. Being chased around by kudi, for not going to prep. ohh "auntie philo" rice eye de paa! from Emelia(slex)

Do u remember

I remember when I was in class one, at King Tackie elementary school in 1960 or 61, my teacher I can't even remember her name, asked me one day what my mother's name was. At first I said (Maama) because that's how everybody calls her and then the teacher said "What" then I said Helen, all of the sudden this woman hit me so hard on my back that I peeed in front of the class. She was a heavily woman, and I was very tiny little girl you know, It really hurts. You know how school kids are, they started laughing and she send me to go and stand in the garden. Since then my classmates started calling me (Water garden). Up till today, I can't not understand why she did that to me.


I quite remember during secondary school days at Odasco when Ice Tee and myself (Obolo) will go to the black-market to buy 4 balls of Kenkey without fish, and being shy of the girls we always had a tin of Titus sardine. We ended up using one sardine the whole term. Those were the days when MAN DE HALA!!, when soap was exchanged for food.

wesley grammar school (wess-G 1998)

Hey wesley u remember Mr. asare bediako(wogowogo) Mr..odjam, Mrs. apretwum (English teacher) Mr. amankwah(the government teacher) and the great one osofo Churchill....valeriah allotey,Claudia Buxton,Beatrice tetteh,nana amon kwafo,Anastasia Hagar Taylor,Bernice asiamah etc..but the real players were valeriah allotey,Yvette abrokwah,Claudia Buxton,Beatrice tetteh and ngozi....Claudia do u remember when we use to go for vacation classes..hahahhaha.I almost forgot our seniors mark,simon (Scooby do) desmond, Ernest..(the gentle one) and Andy...Yvette abrokwah and Beatrice tetteh(entertainment prefects )used to chill with them when they go to Accra sports stadium..guys i really miss u all. after the s.s.s exams, the real players organised a get together at the was fun..the school photographer bro.eddie..was there. hey wess-G, i almost fogot mr obodai(big ass man)...i will never thought the fun would come to an end...i really enjoyed every moment..especially entainment time..where yvette,beatrice and joyce would shake us up with their tunes..i miss y'all..

this is yvette me at levissa22@hotmail .com or evette@tupac. com.....


Do you kumaca guys up there ever wondered why we couldn't qualified for "superzo" in the years between 1986 and 1991? When we at those years have very good atletes like: Charsee, Asuman, Soccer, Walker, Johnny Holiday, D.j Losti, Simoen to mention but a few and myself(BILLY GOSH)!

It was always the same old story, if two schools have to qualified from the Interco to the superzo, then we will be third(3rd) and I quite remembered that there was a time that the qualification was changed to three(3) but still we will come fourth(4th). The amazing thing in all these was the fact that we will be needing just a point to qualify with just one event left, mostly the 4x100m which we are always expected to finish among the first three but it is either we will be disqualify for two false start or something funny.

I remembered our final year, 1991 we promised to qualify at all cost but just a day for us to go, teachers that time went on stike so our zone was postponed and a few days to resume, I became very sick that I went home. I was supposed to do the 1,2 and 400 metres for Kumaca and I believe all you guy there knew what happened.

In spite of all these, it was fun at those days, really gone are the days when our ladies will be teasing us on our way to eat banku at the driver's place. What about our Art master who went in for his wife's sister and the music we composed for him. To think of the various nicknames we gave to most masters and one common one was "BASE 5". Please ladies and gentlemen, I am isolated here in Holland, The Hague so do get in touch for old friends are the best! Please get in touch and let us refresh our memories. LASTYGOSH@HOTMAIL.COM

Good old days.OH REAL ASASS!

Oh Asass! how can I 4get Asanteman sec.sch. the days when life's really fun, oh! the days when Bugati(Asuo) will always try 2 look his very best with a spectacular walking only to win our gals those beautiful ones whom we're trying 2 woo but because he's tall with his long legs and neat clothes he took them especially the inocent SSS gals.Think again of Function Monger, wow! the no.1 and an xtra ordinary walking guy who walk as if someone is pushing his head from behind very problematic to the masters but guess wha! he's tall like the masters so they couldn't punish him as usual.oh! did someone remember the other girls prefect Otilia Geizy?man she got fat ass.Oh! whacha gon say?look at Mr. Hamidu seidu our talented english master who cares not about what he wears but to teach telling students their ''moboistic,kwasiaistic,gyemiistic,nkurasiistic behaviour etc oh! gee this guy is a genius,then he realise that students like the way he teaches he decided to launch his xtra english classes which means when he comes to classes he minimises the topics and tell you if you wanna know more come to my classes thinking not about the poor students who cannot afford.hey! he's lucky cuz he's able to grab one the gals through the classes and that change his attitude in class but he's still ''me Hamidu Seidu kwasia a ete se me a empa mpo menni bi daso, kete so na meda" he's really charismatic with his jokes and teaching.

so have you 4goten Mr.okai (wofa) ei! this assistance head master was a hell a no nonsence guy he does not care about anything even if you're senior he wouldn't mind disgracing you infront of your juniors,hmm! wofa with his GO HOME! talk oh! alot I cannot remember about wofa.yeah! the biology mistress too was fine.what about "woshe pai"the geography master (he smokes hell). there's nothing sweeter than skipping xtra classes and sometimes been chased by masters and got nothing 2 do students sometimes we'll clash with Mr. hamidu seidu in the woods when he's returning from his thing saying I went to pray and where're you guys going but doesn't know that we knew where he's coming from.Oh! class of 93 when an organisation called IFAS was open by some Red Cross guys from Nigeria willie was the president of IFAS,taking advantage with his neat and gentility to win girls from all the forms two in his class room. we remember 3A where wastas,Oyibo,and Heavy D, used to take their selection from the various classes to their own special house party that's the Magic Three.we will not 4get about them cuz they did something unexpected. also castro,joe Issah,sistis obodae moho,power,Ameyaw(daddy ranger) Bawuah,lady panda etc. But I'll not 4got our head master Mr.Oduro who always said "remember you came as individual and will go as individual"and it really happens so here I am now not seeing non of those guys that we used to tease. so if you're an Asass just hit me back at especially the 1993 squad and guys cares.
----That's williewastas.(Tokyo)

Devil's Corner

hey, hey, hey
life in ebenezer was "something" i didn't like ebenezer sec. sch. but i did enjoy very well for the 1 year studies.... there was this place called the DEVIL'S CORNER AND people were always saying that was where they do the "thing" but i never i saw people doing it. ebenezer was full of rumours and stuff but it had it good sides too..... hey i heard the devil's corner is still there...... class of 2000, where the hell are u ... i've really missed u.....


All the st. George's students in abroad holla back guys. Can we all get together oneday and talk about some of the happiest times we had in the school. We all had our good and bad times but hey that's how all schools in Ghana are. I can recall a lot about this school. The head mistress(maa) the head masters and the teachers. Who can forget teachers like Mr. Salisu( the teacher with the punk hair cut), Mr. Asare and the young teachers who were dating the older girls.

Teachers like Joe Berwuah( Awengaa), Mr. Okyem, Maya and Onasis. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, i quess no one can forget Madan Becky and Yaw Aqyei Aman. How about JOE SENKYEM. One of the funniest english speakers. I bet could speak english better than Clinton but his english can blow ur damn head off. He use this to capture the gals without them knowing. how about the cantine food. eeeeeeeeeeeuewwwwwwwww is was nasty nasty, but we paid for it so gotta eat.


Good Old Days:AT Aburi girls secondary sechool.

Charley you remember the days when we used to be punished by our headmistress(Zoat) for speaking other languages apart from english on a friday morning. she use to say those who spoke "Twi" and AWURA ADU will allocate the duties and remember when you were allocated to the sick bay, you treated yourself to ANTIE JOE'S kenkey with "CHOFI" and when back to class to sleep.Those days hmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN SUFFER O!!!!!!!!.


Good old rosec

Remember the good old days of our"beloved sista zita and solami".Boy it was fun,intially though it was not.Having to weed was my worst headache.I cant believe how i miss it though.having to hurry to the dinning hall and the worst about it was no"shito"in the food.Sleeping when the lights went off,no talking.and my gurls in dorm 17, i miss our days of disobeying the rules.The night we had to stay out on the high way for talking and no one will "chook"the preson.I really miss rosec and everything about's still the best the gurls in dorm 17,alma, ama, loisa1,louisa 2,ewuraama,anita ,rose,deborah,sarah,i miss u guys u were all great.
---kafui ,miami

Bantama!!!!!! What a woderful town to live in

Oh!! how i wish i could turn back the hands of time so i could go back to live at BANTAMA (Florida) Kumasi. Many have pass through the walls of this town and has turned the poor into rich, the infamous into famous, the hopeless into men of great vision and confidants and even the arrogant rich and famous people into respectful and descent citizen.

Gone are the days when we used to see people like Agyei Kuffour and some other 'Borgers' come show their BMW. Boy!!! I used to say to myself 'when am I gonna go to Europe and bring back some 'sibo' shoes, linen, viscus and all that. California Bar, Nimo, GNTC, PTS and Rivoli was the great place to be. What's happening to the boys at PTS - They are all in the States and doing very well. I'm proud to know people like Koo Kusi, Carl Lewis, Atiiso, Bobby, Kuss Garby, Macony, Waza and all the California boys. Respect to you all.

This is just a little something to say Bantama must live forever I was born and breed in Bantama and I'll alway be a Bantama boy.

God Bless Nananom, friends and family who still live at Bantama.

--K-Gyamfi, BA 95
Opposite Nyame Bekyere Store


I must really confess that I have never regreted to be part of the great and wonderful family of Opoku Ware and now I am with all pride to say I am an akatakyie. I know members of the family will recall events with me at the time stated above. Many have pass through the walls of this school and has turned the poor into rich, the infamous into famous, the hopeless into men of great vision and confidants and even the arrogant rich and famous people into respectful and descent citizen.

Folks, I hope u remember the era "stand-still" by the famous and highly disciplinarian Housemaster Ayga Hooper. Instilling time consciousness in our lives was his main goal and this has really helped me a lot. Do u still remember the assemble ground- Foyer, Gregato Sports stadium, Soweto and Ena wo boa who use to clean the Gents. I can feel even from the mere mentioning of certain names and places on the campus is bringing that nostalgic feelings of the wonderful school. I wish I could say more but I will pause here with great respect to all those who helped to make our stay on campus a wonderful one, not forgetting the matron, the school watchmen especially Bee Marley and u out there who out of appreciation for the school help crusade the good name of Owass.

oh st.theresa's[2001]:

how i wish i could turn back the hands of time so i could go back to st.theres's where we used to cause ur teachers .people used to make out in the library,under the was mad fun all the boys ,the food, pictures,copying,seniors who used to date their juniors and of course the rumours.i'm sure all of us would agree it wuz the best time of our lives.i miss you all ,love,and would never forget all the crushes.


what about J.S.S? anybody not talking about that? i use to go to kaneshie presby school from 1989-1998 and i taught those were the days when i used to get a whole bunch lashes every day one of my teahcer mr. Barfour once chased me in school for skipping his class it was a really bad afternoon for since i got the worse beatens ever in my life. with class mates like kenneth anie,dadzie.irene gyan,comfort otto,sarah gyeabour,barbara adi and crew called the "BIG SIX" oh god damn it i miss those days. BIG UP'S Y'ALL HOLLA BACK STUDENTS at


Gone are the days when the only punishment Aunty joyce the English teacher will give you was to ask you go and pick a litter come and show it to her go back pick another show it to her till her class ends,Remember the teacher EATWELL, who is always there to deponk your hair for you especially for the form three girls who are eager to keep thier hair for perming.How good was it then with guys like Obumpa,K.A 47, Bone Kofi Brew,Boeboeshanti and the likes.


By Abiba Dabu


Does any student remember this school back in kropo kumasi ghana. WE were among the top 3 schools in kumasi. it was close to suame or even say it was in suame. everyone in there till 1998 had some fun. starting from the principal with the big old eyes(MAA) and Madam becky(THE CANTINE MONEY COLLECTOR) and all the teachers. Oh my God, Mr. Okyem, Onasis, Maya, Mr. Asare and the rest not forgetting the head master Opoku(USED TO BEAT THE HELL OF US) do u remember frank agyeiman, ohooooooooo... the nastiest guy ever seen in the school. used to say some shits to the teachers and even the head master. he used to say some stuff about madam becky causing abortion on the toilet and smoking. Madam Becky used to be jealous about ma long hair and told me to braid it or cut the nextday but what can u braids no cantine(never forget the banku and the abenkwan soup...............eyieiieiweiiweiwieiiwiwieiwuio IT WAS DAMN BAD!


Do you remember the good old days when we use to sit on the lovers bench whiles classes is in progress,do you when we were caught by social studies teacher commonly call (white ghost)for bringing condoms to school. those were the days of mc condom,bouncer,ponowaxy,flamingo,kercher,kandy and what have you, shout out to all neggerS.


Do you remember the shortest teacher in the school, Mr. Ephson who teaches social studies and was a drunkard. Do you also remember when 2v2 class was described as the prostitute class. i will never forget these slogans.
Shout: Yebe ye dede
Respond: Ye dede dede dede dede dede dede
Respond: it's a fruit
Shout :Complecency
Respond: Mr. Lindsay
Shout: boom boom boom boom
Respond: boom (loudly)

is there any ghana national students around?.

do u remember when we used to club. then we charter taxi to campus gate without paying by running from the cab driver? hey does anyone remember when we (Afedu'S) used to jump over the housemasters building and Mr. T was killing the house masters chickens.


Hi old friends,wassup?let all forget about the painful strugle from Walking to and from tarkwa to bankyim for classes when [ponko] our abled Tata bus breaks was not easy those days to be a student in fiassec Coupled with the bad food at dining hall and as such have to fall on fried Fish (ewurafua) or called "rose" or sister sledge with kenkey,"ntwubu" water Yam and the good palm wine and adoka from the farmers.the memorable day in My life at fiassec was when we captured tarkwa secondary school in our own Backyard and gave them a good spanking ,it was a sweet revenge after Humiliation on their campus in the soccer match



Great Aquinas

hey quanas students. for us who completed in 2001. one thing we'll never forget is Fr. Batsa. gone are the days when we'll escape as soon as we heard Batsa de come oooo. gone are the days when you'll be caught at circle and be brought back home by the headmaster. gone are the days when Business 1 used to be the most enjoyable class with obaa, agbala, ptr, kusi, opete, kumasiano, and the rest of the team. gone are the days i used to stand infront of the cadet and shout ma head of. i'll never forget these memories.

The thing for you, never loss!! meaning, if its yours you will get it


Old funs, Do you remember when most students depended on Auntie Esther and her Husband for a heavy breakfast of Kokonte or 'Lapiewa' "opolakye" etc.All because school's food was Insufficient to face the normal class periods.Mr. 'Soo-mireh' and his Aponkye nkwan was the substitute for our Lunch instead of Roten Beans, Gari,etc,,,.
The palm wine seller shall never be forgotten . He made our saturday nights very boozie and funnie.

Auntie Esther served the school even more than the cooks because most of the Powerful students depended on her food throughout their course .Where ever you are ;or any position you find yourself Just remember the kokonte seller who contributed in diverse ways to the success of your Ordinary Level education in JUASS. Long live food sellers of Juaben.Long live palmwine tappers and the Junglemen
(by Lord FRENZY B.)


old funs,
Do you remember our school dance Championship in 1983 when Amoako Richard(Frenzy Bee) Jacob Darko,Adarkwa Marvin Lee(paa kojo),Kurtis Blow,Randy Muller,etc took over the dancing floor with stylish steps ?

if not then open your eyes and start reading; The championship ended as Amoako Richard(Frenzy B) took the trophy. The funiest part was; when Marvin lee made a very nice and stylish dancing Acrobatics which paralised him onto the grounds.The audience were clapping their hands with the hope that he was going to stand up.He remained on the ground till the music was over.this disqualified him for the 2 nd round. Allan Charles Cole the headmaster laughed very much for the first time.
--Nana Yaw




Hi do you remmember, RESPECT the guy who never does grounds work because of girls and always go gentle. But always being on top of dinning tables with bowl full of food on the head . And always sweeping the hall after dinning as a form of punishment in front of girls as well.

Any way this was when I was in form one. I didn't liked any way but it did happened that way. Knowing what I was going to do when I gets to SSS three, I changed dramtically when I got to SSS two. And was able to become the school prefect when I got to SSS three. And imagine what? what I did to the green horns. It was wicked. So I shout RESPECT!!!! to all NKWASCO old stu and get in touch with me.