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I remember the good old 'Keteke' days. When it was just the order of saturday nights that you hop from BusStop to Keteke to Ceasar's palace acting really busy and smart about nothing. Hahaha God bless the good 'ol days.
- Akosua
Abeka Eleganza Blues
Oh I remember the old days when I often attend 'dance' session with my innocent girl at Abeka Eleganza(does it still exist!) where I usually put some 'blue-blue' (valium) - the Ghanaian spanish fly- into her fanta to bring out the bitch in her and I will excuse myself to go to the gents but instead swerve into a nearby VC10 and take my favourite 'apio' and chew some hearts and garlic to suppress the 'fuse'. And later will push her over the fence wall of my parents house in Tesano inorder to sneak her into my ghetto without my sleeping parents seeing us.Oh my parents thought all this while that I was an angel!
-- Fiifi
Timber Truck
I think I can remember when people use to travel on log or timber trucks. I remember one time when I was coming back from school and I saw a guy that I know who was riding in this timber car with a lumber-a big one-on it. They gave me a ride, up till today, that is the scariest ride I have ever had. Anyway do people still enjoy such rides in Ghana.
---Osei OSU-USA
Campus Life
Gone are those days that you could 'narrow' your room mate on legon campus for days for him to try to retaliate by forcing to find himself a girlfriend. Now that campus rooms are overcrowded, can they be able to narrow their room mates? WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gone are the days when the only best food one could eat in Tema secondary school was the wednesdays and fridays waakye with fish free HOT pepper stew.OH!
---Josephine Larbi

Gone are the days when we used to sell iced water, running from bus to track, from car to urvan. In fact it was very sad.

Campus Days
Nothing is sweet as life at university campus. One weekend evening at Oguaa Hall, University of Cape Coast, I started playing music. Most of the students (all boys) came around and we started dancing. All of a sudden some of the boys undressed and started dancing naked. It was a good free show for the girls who were unnoticeably watching from the opposite block.

I cannot also forget about the singing group from Commonwealth Hall at Legon who used to come and sing profane songs. And I can't forget the nicknames: 'Bayere' (yam) for a mature student who would always ask for 'bayere' even during breakfast!

Oh, I will never forget campus life.

Former 339 (Monkey),
Oguaa Hall,Cape Coast University

Village Photographer
Did you ever take a picture from one of the village photographers? Well I did. These were the fortunate ones who rode bicycles travelling from one village to another where their honest customers will be patiently waiting. This was the fun part that still amuses me. They will come with mirrors, combs and powder. They will do anything to enhance your appearance. You will be viewed from many angles, your head will be turned several times in 360 degrees or more to get your image. Your pictures will be ready the next Sunday and what do you get? A black and white picture that has no resemblace of who you are. Funy...

---Big Alex

Fun Milk
Gone were the days when in Accra, we had neatly dressed vendors on bicycles selling chocolate fan milk in a prism-shape paper container. The vendors would cut off the pointed edge after shaking it. I still remember the song that goes with the Commercial on radio "Anytime is fun time morning noon or night ......".