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Do U remember

Do you remember our childhood night plays like "kwaane kwaane, pimpinaah- nanaah" etc. I loved the hide and seek in the night when the moonlight is out. Some people, usually a boy and a girl will not be seen till the play is almost over. The girls played ampe during the daytime and we played "chaas-kele", football etc. You remember the footballs made out of socks, oranges and "Ofuntum" (obey the wind). You were a champion or team captain if your daddy bought a ball for you. Hey, back to "Chaas-kele" usually played with an empty milk tin and a stick. It's played like golf but a bit dangerous. One day I dodged pounding fufu to play this game. whiles playing, I was stuck on my lips by a flying milk tin and was seriously hurt. Just guess what happened to my "fufu and abenkwan."


Hmm, I remember those days when JJ came in for the first time. Well, we used to queue for essential commodities ( if you know what that means) . For some reason , every kumasi person kind of know where and when these essential commodities wo uld be sold. People get up like 4am and lined up at every departmental store in Kumasi.

One Friday morning, as usual, I went with a bunch of friends to line up for our goods. We waited till 11am before the store was opened. Fortunately for us, we g ot our stuff and went across Adum street to look for more outlets.Unfortunately for the rest of the people, a bunch of Boola Cars stopped by and out came the so ldiers from 4th battalion.... Aden? Yede mo reko Wasa na mo akosoa kookoo!! "Wasa dee meko na kookoo no dee, me nnsoa".
---Kwabena Salmi-Adubofour


Do U remember the famous quote from our late president Kutu (in twi): If it does not rain you blame Acheampong, if it does not SNOW you blame Acheampong, if there is no food you blame Acheampong. Is Acheampong God?
---Kwame Oti (Naso)

Where were U..

Where were you when Robert Mensah died? I was still a spermatozoa.

Ten Cedi Deposit for Drinking Glass

Do you remember whem Disco's in Accrarequired a ten cedi deposit per drinking glass. Naturally, most of us (abrefo) drank right out of our bottles, but occasionally felt compelled to get a drinking glass especially if one was with, or wanted to impress a date.

There were, off course, some criminal minds who laid in wait until you stepped onto the dance floor with your date, only to grab your drinking glasses and cash them in. This was when C10.00 was a lot of money. Boy oh boy - gone are those days!

Do you remember after the Revolution in 1981 when soldiers would round you up from the cinema halls etc. to carry cement or do any manual job. I will never forget when one hot afternoon, we were loaded into a waiting truck which sent us to the Fifth Battalion to cement. I wanted to watch an afternoon movie before proceeding to do what my father had sent me to do. The big problem was how to explain to my father why I delayed.

Anansekrom Pop Chain

Gone are those days when one came home for long vacation with the expectation of attending the yearly Anansekrom Popchain at the Arts Center in Accra. Well, there were some pretty good, semi-good and not so good bands, as usual, representing a cross section of "higher" educational institutions in Ghana with some weird names . I always not only enjoyed participating in the making of music, but had great delight in watching some of the horrible bands being pelted with oranges; of course it was all in clean fun. Who said New York's Apollo Theatre audience were the toughest to impress? I bet most musicians in Ghana owe their careers to this event. Ah! Gone are the good old days - I wonder what the present generation is doing for fun.


Does anyone remember Operation Feed Yourself? --Alberta Amoo Boakye

Essential commodities

How in God's name did Kutu Acheampong's regime managed to convience a whole country that basic groceries, such as soap and milk be called essential commodities. Those were indeed the days.


Gone are the days....when driving home at night after sweating at a hards days job or whatever, some bored koti would hop into the middle of the road......near miss!!!......u screech to an abrupt halt, and he shines a weak batteried torch into your face and barks......"INSAI LITE!!!" -kabuki