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Opinions of Saturday, 12 August 2017

Columnist: Sam Pee Yalley

This man!

Leaders of the NDC have been fighting each other after the party was defeated in the 2016 elections. Leaders of the NDC have been fighting each other after the party was defeated in the 2016 elections.

Fellow Akatamansonians and Ghanaians,

I come before you guns-blazing, to strip this man naked and show to the Ghanaian people the true demon who has demonized those who came before and those who came after him.

Please, pardon the excesses of this piece. There comes a time in the life of an individual, organization or nation that truth must be made known regardless who is hurt. The NDC is in such a state.

This man has called Dr. Nkrumah, our founding President a criminal. He has charged Dr. Busia of looting our resources through his Rural Development Programs. This man has demonized the first Northern President, Dr. Limann and succeeded in removing his Government from power. This man has not sparred his colleague Military officers. He accused them of brazen corruption and murdered them over such unfounded allegations.

This man has likened former President Kufour to Atta Aye, a notorious convicted armed robber. This man shocked the entire the nation when he subjected the man he handpicked as his successor to verbal abuse on the basis of allegations of corruption. This man persisted in his attacks on President Mills even when the good old Prof is resting in his home at Asomdwe Park.

This man has ridiculed the young man from Bole. The young man from Bole was once a minister under this man! Strangely, all those who came before him and after him, are highly educated, highly mannered, much disciplined and much suited for leadership than him!

But who is this man? He is a fair weather friend from Volta. A master of corruption rhetoric. This man claims the moral baton in corruption but runs with a clay feet. This man took $5m bribe from Nigeria but murdered people in Ghana for less than $200 corruption allegations.

This man came to power from a hencoop and exited power with a plush Adjirgonor mansion which could be the envy of a Gulf Prince. Not only was this man looting, his wife too looted. This man and his wife sold to themselves dozens of State property.

In 2000, this man diverted a lot of the campaign money meant for the late President Mills. He was the King, therefore nobody could question the whereabouts of the campaign cash. This was one of the reasons the good Prof moved away from him and embraced the honest Ahwoi brothers and entrusted them with the responsibility of mobilizing campaign funds.

Next time this man is talking about corruption, we must collectively remind him that he is the most corrupt Ghanaian leader since 1957. We must remind him that if we need lessons in Communism, we won’t go to America. If the NDC is to survive then we must remove the glossy cloths around this man and let the world see him for who he is!

Sam Pee Yalley,