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Opinions of Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Columnist: ADM

Is Homosexuality Really New In Ghana?

Yaa Broni goes to town -the gay community

Last week, Joy FM had a homosexual on a programme and my oh my, the guy was literally chewed and spat out on air by many callers. While some rained hell and damnation on him, others wished him and his compatriots to disappear from the face of the Earth. Callers spewed and spluttered all manner of expletives to condemn this young man.
Let me also wade into the fray. I find it very interesting that many Ghanaians are behaving like ostriches with our heads buried so deep in the sand ; the realities have long evaporated into thin air. Homosexuality has come to stay, whether we like it or not.
They live among us. Your son could be a closet homosexual for all you know. Now, which would you rather have, a closet homo or a declared one? Why are we behaving as if homosexuality is so unheard of in Ghana and has suddenly reared it's 'ugly head.
C'mon, the girls practice it in the girl's schools and the boys practice it in their schools too. It’s a practice that’s been going on for years. But like the ostriches that we are, we either hoped it was all rumour, or only a few « warped minds » practiced it or just growing pains manifesting in an ugly form.
The supi in girls's schools and whatever the boys call themselves practiced in our schools is part of the transition to full blown homsexuality like the pupa to butterfly. The reality is that homosexuality is very rife in this country.
Like prostitution,you can’t get rid of it ; it has come to stay.And unless the closet ones come out, it is not so easy to spot one, unless they exhibit the effeminate tendencies, which is not wholly homosexual because some men are effeminate but not neccessarily homosexual.
Gosh! I get confused myself trying to figure them out. Anyway, the bottom line here is, regardless of the religious implications, by way of it being sinful, they 'aint gonna' go away,chums! I personally can never get over seeing two men kiss or two women at it, if you catch my drift, but hey, it is their right to have a different sexual preference, no matter how uncomfortable one feels about it.
I don’t begin to understand the scientific, psychological, and genetic explanations given for men and women being this way. All I know is there is a community of homosexuals in this country, growing larger with every passing day. And now they want to be heard, recognised and their rights respected! That's a tall order, I can hear the more liberal Ghanaians saying, but the radical ones among us would like to banish them to some land of 'never,never''.
I dont know what is more frightening, the influx of homosexuals, or the fact some of these men and women adopt this practice as part of the foibles of the so-called hip society.You want to belong, you dabble in it. These days you go to parties you see women greeting each other by kissing each other on the lips. When did we get to this? Is it ''sua tera'' or…? We have abandoned the poor cheeks for the lips. It is hip they say. So people, homosexuality is here to stay, be it the straight ones or the bi-sexuals…

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