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Opinions of Friday, 21 May 2021

Columnist: Prince Henry

Fix the country!

Ghanaians have called on government to fix the country Ghanaians have called on government to fix the country

The epitome and the epiglottis of the soul don't elude and ascertain the magnanimity and judicious pace of the currents happenings in the world, Africa.

Ghana and atrocities are becoming unbecoming and we the youth must wake up and stand for the truth and demand for accountabilities from our leaders and stop being hypocrites because it is or taxes that are used to pay them.

Rampant accidents killing us on our roads is becoming unbecoming and we need to rise as future leaders of this land before it’s too late.....

Our leaders drive in comfortable Toyota Land cruiser V8 so they don't care about the ordinary Ghanaians who have to join trotro and taxi before going to the Market, workplaces and farms.

We voted for leaders to serve us but in Ghana we the voters rather serve the people we voted for to serve us.

How can road accidents kill Ghanaians more than a pandemic like #COVID-19 and yet our leaders are mute about it because they are okay while we the ordinary citizens continue to die on the bad roads they have constructed for us.

This is the road from Koforidua the Eastern Regional Capital to Nkurakan, Huhunya, Aogogo, Asesewa , Boti Falls, Aka falls ,Ho , Tema, Akosombo, Somanya, Hohoe, Jasiakan , Oti Region etc.

#Riseupyouthstofightforourfuture.....our roads must be constructed very well so we can curb the high rate of road accidents in the country...Arise Arise Arise
#FixTheCountry #FixOurRoads

Prince Henry (Koforidua ) is my name
I am a citizen, not a spectator