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Opinions of Saturday, 25 August 2018

Columnist: Efo Delali Saviour

Mahama the dead goat does not fit to take over from Nana Addo the big hanging dog

John Mahama John Mahama

The NDC lost the 2016 election because Mahama over concentrated on projects. He completely ignored the welfare of Ghanaians.

Mahama in all his four years as president never visited a single constituency office to hold a meeting with the executives.

He was completely sunk in his usual funfair and completely blind to the welfare of his party functionaries and sympathizers.

During his presidency, Mahama never visited a single regional NDC office nor met Regional Executive Committee of the party in all ten regions of this nation. What a leader?

JJ founded the NDC in 1992. Prof Atta Mills built NDC a magnificent headquarters at Adabraka in Accra during his 3 and half year short tenure as president.

What did Mahama do for the NDC in 4 and half years as president? Absolute nothing except pain, neglect and funfair.

The funfair groups have re-emerged as soon as he made his intention to contest 2020 known.

So far, I have seen Youth for Mahama, Bring Back Mahama Movement, Friends of Mahama, etc and many more are emerging.

Mahama will kill the party structure once again. He has not learned anything new. He is only coming back to revenge and punish his opponents.

Sometimes I wonder why decent men end up allowing idiots to coach them? Bagbin was right about Stan Dogbe.

How do you allow a dog to coach you? When a dog shepherds a dead goat, one day it will eat the carcass.

Same applies to that arrogant brat, Omane Boamah who treated NDC communicators with impunity.

This greedy Omane established a government Communication Team which was only functional in Accra to the detriment of the NDC Communication Team which had branches in every constituency.

Omane, Stan and their likes starved the communication and killed it completely.

The return of Mahama is an indication that the greedy bastards will once again rule the NDC. Say no to Mahama. My advice to Prof Alabi, Alban Bagbin, Sly, Eli et al is that they should open their eyes widely and make sure that they don't have a Stan Dogbe or an Omane Boamah as their shepherds or coaches. Politics is scientific.

When you do the same thing, you are likely to get the same results. Cut off the Stan Dogbes around you before you stifle your infant presidential ambitions.

As you can see, after declaring his intention to contest, the euphoria has completely died out. Ghanaians don't want John Mahama.

He reminds them of deep pains. He reminds them of reckless talk. He reminds them of Dumsor, removal of allowances, three months salary pay, freezes on employment, dead goat syndrome, etc.

I urge NDC delegates to vote for a new presidential candidate. I think Prof Joshua Alabi stands tall.