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Opinions of Friday, 23 October 2015

Columnist: Mensah, Joshua

What are the local names of the following english words?

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Recently, at a conference in Legon, the Educational minister rekindled the issue of using the local dialects as a medium of instruction in our schools especially at the basic level.

Before this debate reaches its crescendo, I want readers the help me with the following words in the various Ghanaian languages as below:

1. Mamprusi name for PAINT
2. Sisala name for STREET
3. Kokomba name for BRIDGE
4. Nanumba name for COMPUTER
5. Dagomba name for PUMP
6. Gonja name for POTENTIOMETER
7. Bono name for CATALYTIC CRACKER
8. Ashanti name for PHOTOSYNTHESIS
9. Akyem name for REVERSE OSMOSIS
10. Akwapim name for AIRCONDITIONER
11. Kwahu name for CALENDAR
12. Nzema name for TERRAZZO
13. Wassa name for A-4 SHEET
14. Ahanta name for ERASER
15. Fante name for STROBOSCOPIC EFFECT
16. Efutu name for DISPENSER
17. Ga name for TRIGONOMETRY
18. Dangbe name for FIBRE GLASS
19. Ewe name for RESISTIVITY
20. Krachi name for STAPLE PINS

I need answers please.

Joshua Mensah.(22/10/15)