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Opinions of Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Columnist: Pearl Asiamah

Do yourself a favor and resign

C.O.P Tiwaa Addo-Danquah C.O.P Tiwaa Addo-Danquah

Dear COP M.Y. T. Addo-Danquah,

While your flagrant delinquency has been apparent for all, save you, I do #hope that you have a little a sense of humanity in you not to dress up in your uniform and go sit in that office this morning or the next ensuing mornings.

In case no one has mentioned this to you, you are an avoidable danger to our national security. Save us from the endangerment your presence in the Police Service presents.

It is one thing to shamelessly be insouciant it's a whole different ball game to have no sense of remorse. That is the borderline textbook definition of psychopathy.

Even you must admit to yourself that your harum-scarum comments and demeanour concerning the disappearance of these young ladies is the height of what even the most pragmatic person on earth will consider a disgrace to the Ghana Police Service. A very harmful disgrace.

If you think being this adamant is a reflection of strength then you more of a joker than I perceived. If that is really your appreciation of what being resolute is, then please with all due respect accept my sincerest apology for underestimating your gimcrack foolhardiness.

You are an injurious meretricious "poster-girl" of the Ghana Police, a true and valuable example of why blind affirmative action is unhealthy to the inviolable progress of every institution and/State.

Your lack of a sense of duty is not only affecting your work but you've set back the cause of the empowerment of women by 50 years! You are the reason why a senior Police Trainer will spew misogynistic comments such as " ...a woman can't be IGP..." and "...No! no! no! IGP position is not for female matters oo ...(sic)”

If you are the woman he was looking at, then my only demur to his comments is the generalization of your incompetence as the limitation of women. There are equally incompetent male police officers and if they don't serve as the measure of the capability of the execution of duty you shouldn't be the measure for women.

Because you, COP Tiwaa has not even shown any ability to be a police constable let alone a COP in charge of the CID. No wonder there was so much mumbling against your promotion and appointment.

Anyone one with even the minuscule sense of decency and responsibility would have left office before the IGP's press conference last night!

Do everybody and yourself a favour and save us from any distressful engagements and entanglements that will ensue if you don't get out of office.