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Entertainment of Thursday, 11 November 2004

Source: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

Kumasi Welcomes Number 14 Radio Station

While no one seemed to be counting, the number of radio stations in Kumasi has shot up by three within the last couple of months and it appears that the Garden City will soon be challenging Accra?s 18 stations.

The new stations to come on board are Hello 102.1 FM, Kessben 93.3 FM and Metropolitan (Mett) 96.1 FM. Mett FM hitherto was Wisdom FM, which went off air for some time due to licensing problems. It has however resurfaced with this new name after satisfying licensing regulations.

With the test transmission of the three stations currently running, Kumasi is set to enjoy the best of radio as the competition to survive intensifies.Already the radio scene is witnessing the poaching of ?highly rated? presenters from already existing radio stations to beef up the human resource base of the new ones.

As the dust begins to settle after the wrangling about the poaching, it looks like Kessben FM has gained most from the poaching. The station now boasts of presenters of the likes of Mikki Osei Berko (Master Richard) of Happy FM fame, good old Akwasi Donkor, Joojo Le Maire and Kwamina Sam Biney formerly of Luv FM, Joe Amee, Ohene Djan and Joe Laka formerly of Fox FM and Wofa Aduse Poku, Abigail Amoah and Patty Dabbs also formerly of Kapital Radio fame.

Also on board is sweet sister Naana Hayford, who moved from Otec FM to Fox FM and to Invisible FM and now Kessben FM to handle issues in relation with women.A source whispered to Graphic Showbiz that Frankie Taylor of Fox FM is expected to be the last person to join the Aseda House based radio station but said that is not confirmed as negotiations were going on.

It is still not very clear who will be presenters who are going to form the nucleus of Hello FM. What is rather clear is that Andy Dosty formerly of Otec FM is to be engaged at Hello, which explains his current stint at Peace FM in Accra, which is the sister station of Hello apparently to prepare the grounds for his move to the Kwame Despite family.

Still on test transmission, Hello presents sports programmes bearing in mind Kumasi fans? love for sports, especially soccer. The station at the moment also airs Kwame Sefa Kayi?s, Peace FM morning show live in the Garden City and occasionally carries live on air some of Peace FM?s shows.

Mett FM has also not come out on the sort of presenters to form its nucleus. The names that have surfaced are Kojo Fletcher formerly of Invisible FM, Little John, formerly of Radio Windybay of Winneba and Obeng Sarpong formerly of Ashh FM.

Whatever the case is, listeners are waiting to see if there would be any significant change in the airwaves with respect to programming. Zuria FM and Nkosuo FM, which were the last stations to join the Kumasi airwaves made serious impact during their various test transmissions but less is being heard of them of late.

The 14 radio stations now on Kumasi?s airwaves comprise Spirit 88.3 FM, Zuria 88.7 FM, Radio Mercury 91.5 FM, GCR 92.1 FM, Kessben 93.3 FM, Nkosuo 95.3 FM, Mett 96.1 FM, Kapital, 97.1FM Fox 97.9FM, Luv 99.5 FM, Ashh 101.1FM, Hello 102.1 FM, Otec 102.9 FM and Invisible 104.4 FM.