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Ghana Indigenous Movie and Music Awards launched

Comment: Another Awards Scam, Zip it!

Chief Cook
2015-10-25 02:15:13
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Ghana Indigenous Movie and Music Awards launched

Hagan is talking crap! Movie Awards schemes in Ghana are just money making scams for people. If you wish to improve productions, make funding available to solicit for good scripts, creative directors and a good crop of talents to form the cast and crew. Do you know how much it cost for Beasts of No Nation to be shot recently in Ghana? Who should make the movie for you to come and award?
Ghana has abundant of creative brains to churn out good scripts but funding to make a good movie is lacking. Good movies might also not necessarily be commercially successful. So it becomes a gamble that someone must make. I am getting tired of people who get a few coins and wish to make profits on them turning to organise awards to deceive struggling creative talents.

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