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Entertainment of Sunday, 25 October 2015


Ghana Indigenous Movie and Music Awards launched

GIM Awards GIM Awards

Ghana Indigenous Movie and Music Awards (GIM Awards) was launched last month at SNNIT Hall -Adum in Kumasi. The event, the first of its kind, was initiated by PAPMOL ALLIANCE GHANA INITIATIVE Group and it is expected to be one of the biggest events on Ghana’s entertainment calendar.

In a speech read by Mr. Joseph Hagan, a Senior Associate Director of PAPMOL Group said the GIM Awards is to improve production to achieve its needed professional picturesque of global demand for Ghanaian films.

"I am of great interest to launch GHANA INDIGENOUS MOVIE/MUSIC AWARDS which by inauguration dubbed “GIM AWARDS,” pending next year.

GIM AWARDS as the name depicts will seek to celebrate and award movie and music makers who by merit of excellence, performance and achievement be predestined. It is regrettable that our movie industry has 'funny handcuff' that is retrogressing our great potentials to enrich our culture and heritage won for us to be exposed to the world because of lack of professionalism in the arts industry. The world is now resilient and vibrant to embrace innovations and creative minds at a higher bid if it worth.

GIM AWARD Scheme is created and designed to protect and project our heritage values in our music and movie industries that is expected hopefully to accustom to other economies for global benefit of Ghanaians who engage in them.

It is unfortunate to know in Ghana, especially the film making communities and agencies are not making the mark expected to be recognized internationally since production qualities do not meet international standards to attract foreign exchange.

According to him, this is because we are not engaging the right personnel to deliver and thus create shoddy result at the post-production stages. Apart from we not using professionals, we lack education to embark on quality.

"The necessity has come for us all to show the world the best of the making of Ghana and its heritage proud devoid of disdaining the integrity of the state. We are in this regard requesting from stakeholders of the industry."

He noted that GIM AWARDS is here to improve production to achieve its needed professional picturesque of global demand for Ghanaian films. The awards scheme will not have room to accommodate shoddy or poor production. The screening of movies will not be bias since we will open up to the public to be judges of such films, premiering openly across the nation. Our partnership with the media houses will be to apprehend the jury efforts enhancing by our media critics.

Mr. Hagan told the gathering that, it is very sad and unfair seeing Ghanaian industry players and stakeholders clamorous for awards as gifts not what they had worked for. This is a phantom of ridicule to awards like the OSCARS; Indeed we are here to propel the industry to improve because the awards will not be friendly in emotion. Players and stakeholder will have to work for it without favoritism.

Mr. Joseph Hagan further stated that "with the brief of our requirement status we think, all of us are compelled to applaud and welcome GIM AWARDS to come to start."