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Nigerian actors appreciate little things more than Ghanaian actors - Gloria Sarfo

Comment: Fuck these timid children of monkey

2020-08-11 06:20:28
Comment to:
Nigerian actors appreciate little things more than

When you talk of ghana, what really comes to mind is underachievers, mediocrity, inferior sub humans with low intelligence.
You think of pigs and slave who are obsessed with NIGERIA and will continue being slave to Nigeria forever..
You think of people with no confidence who feel unease and unsettled when they see or hear NIGERIANS around them.
They monkey looking women with smelly genitalia Drool when the see tall NIGERIAN men but no sensible NIGERIAN man will stoop low to procreating with these female monkeys.
There low life men start putting up fact character of GOOD VIBE when they site a Nigerian man and start speaking one the most terrible pidgin English in human history just so they could be noticed by the confident NIGERIAN men you see these monkey looking Ghanaian men as lesser MEN.

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