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Here's what Beyoncè told Shatta Wale first time they met

Comment: they've all done very well

2020-08-02 05:12:34
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Here's what Beyoncè told Shatta Wale first time t

our GH rappers have done very well,d black was the first Ghanaian to be nominated for bet, sarkodie single handedly took Twi rap to win bet,samini won Mobo award, stoneboy Keri hilson n now shata Beyonce..not bad at all.. they've all done well so stop that stupidity of who is a champion n support them equally... that's what our white counter part do!!!!

on the contrary,l see the worst taking advantage of the new trend afro pop.. Africans are listening to African music..who listens to hip hop n rnb these days...?? their genre is on the decline so they are ceasing the opportunity to collaborate with African starts to resurect n have a fair share of the new trend...we shd nt be happy!!! they may take over afro pop soon

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07-31 13:43
they've all done very well
08-02 05:12