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Real Nana Wan vrs fake Nana One: Did the church stage everything?

Real Nana Wan on the left & Fake Nana One(One) on the right in polo shirt play videoReal Nana Wan on the left & Fake Nana One(One) on the right in polo shirt

You would remember we broke a story about a certain Nana Wan who confessed to ‘killing’ 114 babies, her two sisters, his son and several other innocent girls exchange for enormous wealth from a marine spirit at the Resurrection Power New Generation Church.

Well sources and further digging into the story by turns to reveal that, the whole story COULD be FAKE and one POSSIBLY scripted by the church to sort of scare people who want to indulge in ritual money and to create an impression that, the Resurrection Power New Generation is the only true and powerful church in Ghana.

Yes, you are going to find out why and we would explain all of that, so you can share the same school of thought with us.

Apparently the young man who made the confession at the church on the 25th September, 2016 identified himself as Nana Poku aka Nana Wan but after the story broke out, he indicated in one audio which leaked that, his is spelt ‘one’ and not ‘wan’ so he’s known as Nana One– Fair enough.

When he first made the confession, about how he got himself into ritual money and all that, almost everyone thought he was one Nana Kwame Waife who’s popularly known as ‘Nana Wan’ because in Ghana, everyone knows of only one young and rich ‘Nana Wan’ so it was no surprise when anyone who heard the story thought it was the real Nana Wan.

The fake ‘Nana One’ was confident and made it clear that, he was the ‘Nana Wan’ we’ve all been hearing of when asked by the pastor and that he’s even changed physically because of the several sexual encounters he’s been having with the daughter of the Marine spirit, which made him weak and change in a way.

So the ‘Nana Wan, Nana Wan’ we’ve been hearing about, you are the one?? The pastor questioned

Yes, it’s me. Every car that you see in town with the name ‘Nana One (Wan) ’ belongs to me

During the time he was making all those ‘scripted‘ confessions the authorities wouldn’t allow anyone to take a picture, video or even record his confessions with their phones or any electronic device and that we can understand. The pastor scared the hell out of anyone who had an intention to take record of any of his confessions or snap a picture of him. At one point, the pastor even started cursing those who didn’t pay heed to his earlier warning, saying fire would consume their phones and all sort of things that that unprintable, if they record anything and take it out of the church.

Nonetheless, we still got some audios from the church because not everyone believes in those things.

Because pictures of the young man making the confession was not taken, when the story was published by several online platforms in the country and across Africa, the famous ‘Nana Wan’ suffered the consequence of bashing from the public because his picture was used in the stories as the man who confessed to killing those innocent babies, 2 sisters, son and other innocent girls for rituals. The story broke the walls of the internet and spread across several African countries and even Africans in the diaspora heard of the story and formed a bad impression about the real ‘Nana Wan’ because they thought it was him who admitted to committing all those atrocities.

NB. The real Nana Wan had one Range Rover with the name ‘Nana Wan’ as the number plate and that was years ago. He was standing by that Range Rover and because the young man had indicated that every car with the number plate ‘Nana Wan (One)’ on it belongs to him, people assumed it was the same man talking.

The REAL ‘Nana Wan’ who currently lives in the States and has been there for some time now, studying a course in Marketing/Advertising came live on Facebook to clear that ridiculous impression that he had killed people for wealth. He even granted interviews to several other websites to let people know that, he’s not the one who made those confessions and that he’s just a genuine business man with the favor of God on his life.

Even after all of that, many people are still lost as to who made the confession at that church and who indeed is the real Nana Wan because not everyone had the chance to read his reactions to the first story that was published and this article seeks to clear all of that for once.

When the fake ‘Nana One’ was making his confessions, he mentioned that he owns 11 Range rovers, several uncountable Venzas, several other luxury cars and several mansions across the country. He mentioned that he lives at Tema and bought a house for his wife at Trassaco.

Anyone who knows the real Nana Wan knows he’s very rich and indeed also has 11 range rovers, comes from Tema and has a beautiful wife he’s bought a house for at Trassaco.

The striking coincidence in name, assets owned, where their wives live and where they stay is very mind boggling. Interestingly, the fake ‘Nana One’ confessed to making 200 billion old cedis every week for 3 years and started making 500 billion a week for the other 2 and so years till he ended up at the church.

Per his confession, he was making $5.2 million every week and that will be $20.8 million every month and he would have made about $748.8 million after the first 3 years. Then he started receiving 500 billion old cedis every week for the next 2 and half years till he ended up at the church to make his confession.

It means after the first 3 years, he was richer than Jay Z and a whole lot of top world artistes, yet we never heard of him in this country. We never saw a picture of him flaunting his cars, mansions, vacation or even see him on the streets. When we laid hand on a picture of him and showed it to several other people, no one could identify him as someone who was once rich.

Even if you are worth just $2 million dollars in this small country, someone would be able to testify that they know you.

So how come no one knows this fake ‘Nana One’? How Come we never heard of him looking at how much he claimed he was making, he would even be richer than the real ‘Nana Wan’?

From what other sources have told us, it appears the whole thing was some scripted drama he put up at the church and someone has also told to us that, he’s just a MECHANIC!

Yes! Trust us, we’ve been digging! A man who happens to be a friend of the real ‘Nana Wan’ has mentioned that he knows the young man who made the confession at the church and that he’s a mechanic who works on his cars. He disclosed to a source who spoke to us that, he was surprised when he later saw his picture as a man claiming to have owned such wealth, so he called him on phone personally to enquire from him what was really going on.

The source told us that, when that friend of Nana Wan spoke to the FAKE ‘Nana One; he sounded apologetic and confessed to him that, he was contracted to make all of those confessions by the church and that he’s feeling guilty now about the whole thing. They didn’t get to finish their conversation, when the pastor walked in and took the phone from him.

The friend of the real Nana Wan who is also rich told our source that, he had once mentioned the real ‘Nana Wan’ to the mechanic who’s posing as ‘Nana One’ during one of those times he took his car to his shop and the Mechanic fantasied about the beauty of his car. He told him, his is even small and that he has a friend called ‘Nana Wan’ who has ranger rovers and even fancier cars

Why we believe he’s a nobody & was contracted to lie.

Pastors paying people to give fake testimonies in church is not a new thing. We’ve not been able to lay hands on one single evidence to prove that the FAKE ‘Nana One’ indeed had all the cars he claimed he registered in his name and wrote ‘Nana One’ on all of the number plates before he ended up at the Resurrection Power New Generation Church.

No whereabouts of his mother to confirm that indeed his son went for ritual money and his two sisters died in an accident with the range rovers he bought them. (Remember we mentioned in our earlier story that, he confessed that the goddess asked him to bring his mum so he bought a car for her but her mum rejected it, because she was told at church by a prophet that, she shouldn’t accept any car when her son buys her some. If indeed, his story is true, won’t the mum also come to testify by now?)

No whereabout of his ‘wife’ whom he claimed he bought a house for at Trasaaco next to Abedi Pele’s house.

Not even a single photograph of himself in his luxurious mansions or cars he claimed he owned ( Why he didn’t buy a smart phone with all that money? Or all those pictures vanished?)

No documents to prove that he bought something valuable. He claimed he travelled around the world with the goddess, yet we can’t see evidence of his passport or anything.

The cheap reason they give is that because he didn’t acquire all of that with his own money, they all VANISHED (Fine, let’s assume we’ve bought that lie, did the house at Trassaco also vanish??..LOL)

More & More Why We Believe It Was All Some Scripted Drama By The Church His confession at the church was a very lengthy one and he must have rehearsed everything well. In telling the church how he ended up at the church, he disclosed that, when he was prompted by the marine spirit that he has just a month to die, he started going to several powerful and big churches in the country for salvation but none of the churches were able to help him. He then went to Benin to see one powerful mallam for help and the Mallam told him that there is only one church in Ghana that can help him if he confesses his sins.

According to him, the mallam told him that in 2012 some top leader in Ghana came to him during the election period and asked him to tie Ghanaians for him, so he can win the elections. The mallam then sent his agents to come to Ghana to see which pastors in the country will be able to interfere in their evil plot in the spiritual realm and when his agents came back, they told him that in all of Ghana it was only one pastor who could stop them. The agents told him, the name of that pastor was soo powerful they can’t even mention his name but they can only mention his church’s name and that church is the Resurrection Power New Generation Church.

So that was how he ended up at the Resurrection Power New Generation Church. Now we believe there’s a hidden agenda with the fake ‘Nana One’s’ confession. How can there be just one pastor and one church in the WHOLE of Ghana that can help a lost soul??? Have we been going to demonic churches all along?

Remember we told you the church was very strict that day and didn’t want anyone to record anything?

That’s how come we’ve not been able to lay hands on the full audio. We have bits of the audio of the fake ‘Nana One’ making those confessions and some have already managed to find it’s way on several blogs.

Other Developments The wife of Nana Wiafe went to the church to find out who the ‘Nana One’ was and to tell the church to use their medium to tell the public that, all of that story was a stunt and that the fake ‘Nana One’ was just a common mechanic as he was creating confusion especially when he’s never owned any of the things he claims he owned.

Our sources tell us, she was driven away from the church and accused of being a mermaid.

Sueing the Church The real Nana Wan and his lawyers intend to sue the church, it’s pastor and the fake ‘Nana One’ to force them to produce the full audio, video and also for investigations to be conducted to verify the identity of the fake ‘Nana One’ and if indeed he once owned everything he claims he got from the marine spirit. The lawyers of the real ‘Nana Wan’ also have the audio of the fake ‘Nana One’ confessing that, he was contracted to come and give that false confession. (We begged for that audio, but the lawyers told us they would use that as an exhibit in court and cannot release it to the public yet)

The Church’s Comment We contacted the church for comment and a man who identified himself as the PR of the church told us that, in as much as ‘Nana One’ shares similar assets and some other similarities with the real ‘Nana Wan’ they never gave any picture to anyone to publish with the confession and that it is the fault of the media for picking the wrong image for the story.

When asked if they can provide some evidence to prove that indeed the fake ‘Nana one’ owned all of that, the man we spoke to told us, he can’t do that because when people come to make such confessions, they don’t have time to go and check everything that they say because their church is very big with about 15,000 members and for them, their interest lies in the moral lessons in the confessions people make. He further mentioned that, a confession of this nature is not new to them and that, people come to give similar confessions all the time.

Asked to comment if indeed the church sacked the wife of Nana Wan when he came to the church, he said he has no knowledge of anything of that nature happening in the church.

We asked for pictures of the fake ‘Nana Wan’ and also the full video recording of his confession but we couldn’t get any from the church at the time of filing this report.

However we managed to get this picture of the fake ‘Nana One’ who no one has ever seen.


It’s very clear Nana Kwam Wiafe also known as Nana Wan is a different person and Nana Opoku aka fake ‘Nana One’ is also a different person.

What we know is that the confession of the fake ‘Nana One’ is murky and one that we cannot believe to be true. It’s highly probably, it was all scripted and beautifully staged. That’s just our opinion on the matter.

As it is now, the fake ‘Nana One’ has gone helter skelter and no one really knows where he is now. The church don’t know his where about now per what the PR told us because they are done helping him give his life to Christ.

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