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Entertainment of Thursday, 30 July 2020


Not every person who speaks tongues has repented - Diana Asamoah

Evangelist Diana Asamoah Evangelist Diana Asamoah

Gospel musician, Diana Asamoah has thrown shade at her colleague musician turned Prophetess, Cecilia Marfo, over whether or not her spiritual calling is authentic.

Cecilia Marfo was recently marked by politician Kennedy Agyapong who has been on a mission to expose fake men and women who claim to be doing the work of God.

Kennedy Agyapong fired verbal missiles at Cecilia Marfo for doing a very nasty thing to her congregants.

The gospel musician who now runs her own church is said to have services where she would spit ''saliva'' into the mouths of her congregants as a form of divine direction.

Mr. Agyapong warned her to desist from such activity and threatened to do an undercover work to expose her underhand dealings.

The same Cecilia Marfo, years ago, invited Brother Sammy, a gospel musician, to her programme in Kumasi and slapped him repeatedly, tore his pendulum chain with an emblem of Jesus on the cross and further poured a bottle of water on him.

All this she did to tell that her diety had spoken to her that Brother Sammy was being led astray by fame and veering off his divine assignment.

In an interview on Okay FM's 'Best Entertainment' with Halifax Ansah Addo, Diana Asamoah cast an innuendo over the character of Cecilia Marfo saying ''a Prophetess can have the gift but not character. There is divine calling and there is character. Somebody could be speaking in tongues but will have all manner of worldliness''.

She also stated; ''Not every person who speaks tongues has repented. Not every person who preaches has a renewed character and not every person who sings gospel song has a repentant spirit. Singing is a gift and God doesn't take back His gift which He has freely given.''

She added that some gospel musicians and religious leaders who think they are doing the work of God are in actual fact being used by the devil.