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Behold…a woman whose time has finally come. After being through some through some hard times she is now hitting jackpots not only in Ghana but worldwide.

There is now where that you will go that you won’t hear her powerful voice coupled with strong messages, her music and her story. The lady is Evangelist Diana Asamoah. Video: Pentecost Gya by Evangelist Diana Asamoah

Not only does this singer/songwriter has a lot to say but has declared to praise the Lord for the stardom that she is enjoying now. Radio and TV stations are heavily rotating her new songs massively which is a good sign of a gospel act.

“I have to be grateful to God for saving my life and taking me through these difficult times” she said.

With the help of her production, Frimprince Music Production, Evangelist Diana will be embarking on another tour in Europe. Details will be available on Ghana Music.com soon.

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