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Entertainment of Thursday, 27 October 2016

Source: flex newspaper

Medikal & his AMG crew are fake – TFK fires

TFK, a budding Ghanaian musician and sound engineer, has exposed the real life condition of fast-rising Rapper, Medikal, as well as the bogus nature of the famous Arab Money Gang (AMG) team he represents.

According to TFK, he has no malicious intent behind this interview he has granted Flex newspaper. His main motive, he noted, is to unmask Medikal for the entire nation to see the rapper’s sham personality.

“Medikal is my bosom friend so I know him better than anyone else, but we’re no longer in good terms with each other due to certain ill traits in him. He is a sellout, a braggart and an envious guy who talks by heart, but is nobody in real life. He’s deceived Ghanaians that he makes 2billion a week, bought a car for his sister and a house for his mother,” TFK revealed.

He continued, “Those are lies, Medikal is neither rich nor making huge money from music as he claims. He is just a ‘Sakawa’ boy who plays free shows and begs for gigs. His sister who is in SHS still boards public transport and his mother still lives in their old house,”

TFK said he used to be part of AMG, but left because the Confirm rapper always saw him as a competition, so they could no longer click and the whole group itself lacked bonafide members.

“I want Ghanaians to know that Medikal and his entire AMG crew including Criss Waddle are fake. They wished me failure when I left the group, but I’m making it. They tarnished my image when people ask of me so I warned them over the phone to stop slandering me. 4months ago, Medikal and his gay looking manager, Flow Delly, came to my studio together with some goons and gave me a strong beating for warning them. I couldn’t fight back because I was alone. They gave me a mark on my skin so I’d also do same to them very soon,” Pritti Boi alarmed.

The Gala singer went on to state that, Medikal tasted a bit of success and he has already started throwing jabs at his predecessors and practicing the exact things he preaches against.

“Medikal does not respect his seniors in the industry. He came from nowhere and said rappers in Ghana talk about things they don’t have. Which rappers is he referring to? Himself of course! He’s the fakest! He doesn’t own all those flashy assets he swanks with. He only owns a broken-down Benz with a fake customized number plate, currently covered in rags and parked at a fitting shop. He claims he writes most of Waddle’s songs. He also said PaeDae dislikes him, because he raps better than him. Such buffoonery!” the Skidi Jay Entertainment signee exclaimed.tfk-2

“The By Heart and Poof slogans he uses are mine, but I’m not complaining because i feel honored he’s using them. I used to promote him in my own small ways when he was underground so people should not assume I hate him or disclosing all I’ve said to ride on him for fame. There are several ways to seek attention and Medikal is the least means. I have no plans of returning to AMG so I careless if this story mars our relationship,”

TFK finally called on AMG boss, Cris Waddle, to grow up and educate his immature son, Medikal properly. Produced and mixed on his own, Pritti Boi TFK is currently out with a new street banger titled Yebo. Ghana ought to watch out for him, because he seems to have much talent in stock.