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Television of Thursday, 9 June 2011

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Magic on the One Show

This week, another meaning was giving to the popular cliché “Wonders shall never end” when an Accra-based magician Mallam Abdulai exhibited to full gear his prowess when he burnt an handkerchief with his bare hands and managed to produce notes of the Ghanaian currency out from an empty box on the One Show. So chilling were his displays that the show’s hosts Jocelyn and PY were stunned throughout the entire interview session.

Mallam Abdulai who told his hosts he’s been practicing the trade for well over a year now, said he had his training from dwarfs and that they have been responsible for all the startling antics he puts up wherever he goes.

“I did my training under sea for a year and served my elders for some time as well” he said. “I think I had the talent that is why the dwarfs took me to master me in order to help people who are in need,” Mallam Abdulai told Jocelyn. “After I finished serving my elders they gave me a magic mirror to guide me in whatever I do” he said.

According to Mallam Abdulai the mirror enables him to know what will happen today, tomorrow or the future. “The mirror foretells me the problems of people who comes to me for help and gives me solutions as well “he added. He said any time he is in a dilemma he confronts his elders for direction, adding that throughout the one-year practice, the dwarfs have never disappointed him.

“I believe there is a Supreme God,” he told Jocelyn. The married man of one says he has intensions of passing on the trade to his son when he grows weary in the near future.“I will transfer this talent to my child to succeed me when am no more”.