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Entertainment of Saturday, 4 April 2020


Lockdown: Night life at Osu Oxford street on hold as businesses close at 8pm

Osu Oxford street play videoOsu Oxford street

It is known to be one of the liveliest places in Accra, especially at night but the story has changed with the imposition of the two-week lockdown on parts of Accra.

The streets are empty and every corner is quiet as all pubs, clubs and other entertainment centres remain closed, in accordance with the president’s directive.

For businesses like restaurants which still operate, the latest they stay open in the area now is 8:00pm, which hasn’t always been the case.

This is the story of the Osu Oxford street now.

The heavy traffic on the road both day and night are now a thing of the past as very few cars are seen there these days.

Residents hope the Coronavirus pandemic will end soon so the area can return to its normal state.

“Right now, Osu is like a football park, there’s no one on the field. Everybody just disappeared and even when we see the police officers and soldiers coming, we’ll be running away because of the lockdown. We are praying that the sickness will go so that we can do everything that we used to do,” one resident told GhanaWeb.

An ear-ring seller in the area has refused to abide by the rules because he cannot survive if he stays locked up at home.

“People are not passing like it used to be so people don’t buy things like it used to be. When I stay in the house, I don’t have foodstuffs so I’m trying my luck here. If I’m inside maybe I can die but if I’m on the street and I fall down here someone can help me.”

Some affected Ghanaians are hopeful that the two-week lockdown will not be extended so they can go back to earning their daily wages but beyond that, they pray that the coronavirus pandemic will end sooner than later so more lives can be preserved.