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Entertainment of Friday, 16 October 2015


'KKD was a scape goat, he shoud have been punished'


Radio personality and co-host of Celebrity Fanzone, Akosua Hanson, has descended heavily on showbiz icon, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) following recent statements made by the latter regarding the alleged rape leveled against him.

A very angry Akosua lambasted KKD on last Saturday’s edition of the show on Viasat1.

KKD was accused of allegedly raping a 19-year-old lady in December 2014, which landed him in police custody.

However, the lady in question withdrew the case during court proceedings, and in April, the State also dropped its case against him. Months later, KKD has disclosed in an interview that the rape allegation that landed him in police custody for days has not tarnished his brand.

According to him, the case has rather affected his brand positively, and this is why Akosua Hanson is unhappy with him.

Below is what KKD said:

“It has affected the brand KKD positively. People have become kind to me, people have become more embracing and I think another thing that it has done for the brand is, it has redirected the energies of the brand towards those who want to help us soar. No matter how good you are, no matter how brilliant you are, there will be those who will be your detractors. You can’t focus on those (detractors), you must focus on the good things that you can do. The good contributions you can bring to the society and get on with it. After all my son is 21, my girl is working for Tom Ford, my daughter is 19 now and she is second year at the university studying political science and international relation and I have restored them. In life its only three things; you want to please your God, you want to be well and you want to be happy and I think I’m on track”

But reacting to KKD’s comments, a visibly disappointed Akosua Hanson said KKD does not merit a platform to even speak about the rape case.

“I honestly feel we shouldn’t give this KKD space at all to even speak about it.”

She said it is terrible that he (KKD) can actually feel people are kind to him. “There are always people who will support the alleged rapist,” she noted.

According to her, it is unfortunate that KKD was not found guilty, adding that even if the alleged rape victim agreed to sex, it was still rape because power comes into play in that situation.

Akosua explained that although the lady was 19 years and had the right to give her consent, KKD had the personality and influence and power and that made the power dynamics unfair.

Citing the example of Former US president and his secretary, Monica Lewinsky, he said “He (Clinton) is the president of the United States; even if she (Monica) agreed, it is rape, because it is power dynamics.”

“It is so sad, it is incredibly sad that there are media people who give him the space to talk about it. How can that happen in this country? There is no shame?,” Akosua questioned.

"He was a scapegoat for a reason, we should've punished him for that." Akosua was on the show with main host, Jessica Opare Saforo and co-host Caroline Sampson.

Watch the video below: