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LifeStyle of Wednesday, 30 December 2020


Coronavirus travel restriction tough on long-distance relationships - Marriage therapist

Odeneho Dinpa, UK based Ghanaian therapist with a private practice Odeneho Dinpa, UK based Ghanaian therapist with a private practice

Marriage and family therapist Odeneho Dinpa has said travel restrictions and border closures have added a daunting layer of complexity to long-distance relationships.

According to him, although COVID-19 protocols are helping to stem the spread of the virus, travel restrictions are making it hard for binational couples to see their partners.

“Like everyone else, couples living in two different countries worry about the impact of the virus on their health, work, and everyday lives. But this is also compounded by lengthy and painful separations, as well as uncertainties about where and when they will see each other again”, he told GhanaWeb.

The marriage therapist stated long-distance couples have faced major changes to their relationships since the pandemic began.

COVID-19 has been happening since March… and we won’t be travelling any time soon. Some couples in long-distance relationships do not know when they would see each other in person again” Dinpa told GhanaWeb.

He further indicated that although technology is helping couples keep up with each other, physical connection cannot be undermined.

“As much as you can talk, it’s not the same as physically being with someone, and there’s been something called skin hunger that’s come up during Coronavirus where people crave that connection”.

Odeneho Dinpa advised long-distance couples to manage the indefinite separation during the pandemic with commitment and communication.

“Strong communication about what you want and need is important to get to know each other deeper and stronger,” he said.