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Calling to Ghana just got easier

Everyone calls home to reconnect with family, say hello over the holidays or keep up with the latest news. But for many living in the United States, calling home requires a lot of time and money. Local mobile companies charge very high rates for international calls to Ghana, so a lot of people rely on international phone cards instead. These international phone cards offer lower rates but often compromise on call quality and have hidden charges.

International prepaid phone cards are usually associated with bad call connection, hidden fees and long processes to make just one phone call (dial the toll-free number, enter the account number, enter the pin number, enter the country code, enter the phone number, press the pound key). Worse, some phone card companies do not have automated calling so users have to wait to talk to a phone operator who, more often than not, tries to sell more phone cards or solicit numbers for referrals.

With so many prepaid calling cards available at retail stores and kiosks in subway stations or in the middle of the mall, users are inundated with promises of cheap international calls. Rates from these prepaid cards do seem surprisingly low at first glance but many come with additional charges and fees, and not all provide the same quality and reliability.

The best new option is to forgo the corner store altogether and sign up for a different kind of prepaid calling card service online. Pingo dubbed the last calling card and what you will ever need, is a service by iBasis, one of the largest international wholesale carriers. iBasis handles the worldwide international voice traffic for major carriers like AT&T and more than 1,000 other companies around the world.

Pingo offers PIN less dialing, fantastic rates on international phone calls for 0.98 dollard a minute to a number of countries and absolutely no hidden fees. User accounts are managed online, with options to recharge any time, pre-program up to 25 numbers on speed dial and $5 in free calling.

Calling Home just got easier

The long process of calling home just got easier with Pingo. All the user needs to do is dial the toll free number from a phone number they registered online, enter the speed dial code followed by the pound key, and that is it. Unlike other long distance phone cards, there is no need to enter the account number, no need to enter the pin number, no need to talk to phone operators. Other Pingo, benefits include the option to auto-recharge, keep track of billing transactions and call history.

For people in the United States who want to connect to family and loved ones in Ghana, calling home should not be a burden. Instead, calling home should be simple, convenient and easy to do which is exactly how a pleasant activity it is supposed to be.

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