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Tampi: see Wee
Tafrimetrics: Cunnilingus
Tankas: Sanitary inspector(s); Town council worker(s)
Tatale: Flat Chested Woman
Tro Tro A crowded, but efficient and inexpensive, minibus used for short distance travel.

Origin- It evolved from the Ga language word "TRO" meaning three pence, that is, the penny coins that were in use in the colonial days of the Gold Coast, now Ghana. Those vehicles charged each passenger three pence per trip, hence it was dubbed "Tro- tro". Though the penny is no longer used, and the fare has been inflated in multiples, the old name still stands, obviously as a reminder of the transport service that operated in those good old days when life was simple and easy - going.
Tinapa Pilchards
Toli: Anecdote; Originally, a bold-faced lie. Now used also to mean a rumor or a humorous version of a real event.
Too-Known : A braggart
Tok: An un-intelligent person/Fool
Toto : Vagina, Female Sexual organ
Touch: Crazy, Mad. Eg. "You dey touch" Means "Are you crazy"?
Tunabu Tight bottom or pointy Trousers.
Two-two Prostitute