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Railroads 953 km, all 1.067-meter gauge; 32 km double track;
railroads undergoing major renovation
Highways 32,250 km total; 6,084 km concrete or bituminous surface,
26,166 km gravel, laterite, and improved earth surfaces
Inland waterways Volta, Ankobra, and Tano Rivers provide 168 km of perennial navigation for launches and lighters; Lake Volta provides 1,125 km of arterial and feeder waterways
Ports Tema, Takoradi
Merchant marine 6 ships (1,000 GRT or over) totaling 59,293 GRT/78,246 DWT;
includes 5 cargo, 1 refrigerated cargo
Airports total= 5
Permanent-surface runways= 2
with runways over 3,659 m= 0; ;with runways 2,440-3,659 m= 2 ;with runways 1,220-2,439 m: 3