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Ghanaian asylum seeker charged with rape in Germany

Comment: Beware - FAR Right Agenda in Europe

2017-10-17 22:26:52
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Ghanaian asylum seeker in court for rape

I have read Benjimain's comments on this. I agree. Think people. Typically most rapist rarely plead Not-Guilty for their crimes. And i can't imagine in a German court he was not offered a plea deal. He obvious refused it. I think it's warranted you keep an eye of caution on this case. If he truly did rape this women then he has to be the most stubborn rapist ever. If he did not rape this women then he is doing exactly what you and I would do if we were falsely accused. Demonstrate outright anger in the court room on what is happening to you.I would like to know the full facts as it pertains to his side of the story, but it's probable it won't happen. W/o saying the victim and her boyfriend made a false accusation, understand there is a FAR- Right political movement going on in Europe centered around anti-immigration policy. Look at that 31 year old racist Premier that was just elected. There have been many African's who have been falsely accused of many crimes in an attempt to purge the immigrant population and unify the electorate around curbing migrants.

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10-17 19:03
Onyame Nipa(Man of God)
10-17 20:20
Beware - FAR Right Agenda in Europe
10-17 22:26