Diasporian News of Thursday, 12 June 2014

Source: Progressive Alliance Movement

Progressive Alliance Movement to be inaugurated in New York

A non-political organization which aims to organize Ghanaians under a responsive and accountable government that would serve and elevate the country into a progressive and viable country, will be inaugurated at a ceremony at New York Riverside Church at 12 p.m. on July 12, 2014

The Progressive Alliance Movement (PAM), the brainchild of three Ghanaian professionals in New York is seeking to represent the collective interests of Ghanaians at home and abroad who have had enough of misgovernment and abuse of power and are prepared to be a part of a process to create changes.

Kwame Fosu, the organization's chairman explained that the objective is to usher in a new movement for Ghanaians to organize for the rebuilding of Ghana under a responsible and accountable government that will serve and elevate the people.

The quality of life since the overthrow of Nkrumah, he said, is on decline and Ghanaians are impoverished. "Our health system is broken, and Ghanaians are dying at a frightening rate," said Mr. Fosu.

"We have observed with disappointment year after year the succession of governments that have come into power with numerous promises but are unable to effect any meaningful change, as the culture of corruption becomes more and more entrenched."

He said the new organization plans to change all this by corralling and forging with different Ghanaian groups to build a strong grassroots movement to raise funds to propel an agenda of the movement and hire a competent and skilled workforce for the effective delivery of planned strategies.

According to Mr Fosu, PAM will initiate intellectual dialogue and research for all round renaissance of society and empower Ghanaians on their social, economic and civic responsibilities. The group will also encourage responsive government that will devise an effective voting register to help prevent the rampant election irregularities.

The group's transformation 7 plan calls for consideration of Ghanaians abroad in matters of national interest, such as citizenship. The plan encourages government to invest heavily in sustainable agriculture to eradicate hunger and accelerate the development through agro and raw material processing.

The transformation 7 plan calls on the government of Ghana to install a complete democratic, participatory political system, with effective decentralized public administration to promote good governance, accountability, the rule of law and zero tolerance for corruption, mediocrity, nepotism and tribalism.

The movement will promote the development of Ghana's human resource potential through compulsory education for all children and intensive technical skills training and reform educational system based on practical and effective teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio will be the guest speaker at the inaugural ceremony. Economist George Ayittey, Ruben Diaz Jr., Bronx Borough President, former Mayor David Dinkins and Congressman Charles Rangel are expected to attend this event.

Register for event at:www.pamcampaign.eventbrite.com or www.pamgh.com

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