Diasporian News of Monday, 19 May 2014

Source: osibisaradio.com

Ghana Participates in CFAB Event in London

The staff at the Ghana High Commission in London, flew high the Ghana flag and made Ghana shine at the 55th International Spring Fair and Food Festival held in London.

The event also marks the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the International Social Service network, of which Children and Family Across Borders (CFAB) is a leading member.

The fair is an annual event which brings together the riches and colours of the world through Diplomatic Missions of over 80 different countries in London. The 2014 event which took place at Kensington Town Hall on May 13 and 14 saw Ghana making a strong presence and showcasing a range of made in Ghana products from the rich Ghanaian chocolate, Kente and other fabrics with various art and craft to the international community.

When Osibisa Radio reporters visited the Ghana stall, the staff (Mr Williams, Sister Grace and Nana) was busy promoting the products and ‘Talking Ghana” to the visitors. Speaking to Osibisa Radio on the sideline of the event, the Minister in charge of Information at the Ghana High Commission in London, Madam Zuwera Mohammed Ibrahimah, explained that the focus of this year’s exhibition by the mission is in line with the renewed drive and commitment by the government of Ghana to diversify Ghana export lines and to promote made in Ghana goods to the international community.

She said “if we can get the international community to start importing our chocolates instead of the raw cocoa beans, if we can get the international community to invest in the production of some of these products locally for export, and if we can get the international community to start focusing on Ghana more, we as a country stand a chance to increase not only our foreign earning potentials but crucially important will be job creations for the youth of Ghana.”

All sales proceeds at the event were donated to CFAB to aid the vital work the charity does to protect children separated from their family members as a consequence of divorce, migration, seeking asylum, trafficking and abduction, as well as other vulnerable individuals across international borders.