Diasporian News of Thursday, 10 April 2014


Goodwill message to NPP delegates -NPP Italy

Congress in the Northern Regional Capital – Tamale on the 12th of April, 2014 to elect the National Executives to lead our great party comes with a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of Our Ever Right Delegates. As as you go, we the NPP-ITALY give you our message of goodwill and full support. We urge you to once again prove why we are the greatest political movement in Ghana.
In the North where one of the founding fathers of our party- Dr. Dombo hails from, you are empowered and duly backed by all members of the great Kukrudu Family to choose the right people who will steer the party to victory in 2016.
We the NPP-ITALY are confident that once again you will decisively choose the most competent people to lead our party and bring the long awaited deliverance to Ghanaians. Deliver the nation from the tormentation that the insensitive policies of the Mahama-Amissah led pNDC are taking Ghanaians through.
NPP Leaders Honour Diversity, Not Division:
Unity as you may know refers to the condition or state of being one. A rope is strong because its threads are united. We cannot break it unless the threads are separated. Nothing can be achieved without unity. Unity is necessary for victory 2016. Today our great party requires a lot of unity among our leaders to tackle with important electoral issues such as: strategic plans to train our polling agents, plans to prevent EC print new Pink Sheets different from the one used at polling stations etcetera. Unity not only leads to the growth of the party but also to the prosperity of the nation. Unity will help in strengthening relationship between Flag-bearer for 2016 and NEC, down to the constituencies. Unity is like a link that connects a long chain. If leaders are united aftermath, pNDC can never connive with EC to rig 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
We the NPP-ITALY appeal to all factions to make amends as soon as winners are declared. Leave Tamale with victory 2016 as your prime objective. Unity helps in achieving triumph. As the security of a nation depends upon the integrity and harmony among its citizens, the ultimate success for NPP always depends upon you the leaders and we the members.
We the NPP-ITALY humbly ask you to be circumspect after Tamale congress. De facto after 30 years in opposition, the party won the 2000 presidential and Parliamentary elections through the combined effort of our great leaders. Now it is your turn!! Prove that you can deliver the party and the whole nation from desert!! Ghanaians wants NPP back so let’s work hard with unity to save the country.
The thought that "I am a Patriot, all party members are my siblings, victory 2016 is our goal" symbolizes unity. Thus knowing the power of unity, all of us should stay together. If and when misunderstanding arises, it must be talked out without beating around the bush.
Victory 2016: "all for one, and one for all".
NPP-ITALY wishes you all the best as you go to the polls. May unity, commitment to the welfare of the party and the general desire of the return of the Elephant family to the Jubilee House be your pedestal as you thumb out the next National Leaders of our great party-NPP.
God bless The New Patriotic Party, God bless our homeland Ghana.
The Elephant shall return.