Diasporian News of Saturday, 8 March 2014

Source: Eyram Ablordeppey

Ghanaians in Egypt grateful to ambassador

The attitude and professional touch with which Ghana ambassador to Egypt H.E Alhaji Said Sinare handled my friends and me in Cairo has made all of us in that country happy.

‘’The ambassador is down to earth, approachable sensitive to our plight and above all responsive; he picked our calls in times of need. He attended to us at the most critical period. Indeed Alhaji Sinare deserved to be appreciated and honored for not running away from us during the uprising in Egypt.’’

I am among the few Ghanaians studying in one of the universities in Cairo and have a few friends here.

During the uprising we were afraid of the unknown. Whether to go home or stay these thoughts kept terrorizing my mind, I was actually stricken in fear as the uprising was spreading like wildfire, I became confused thus organized my friends to go visit the Ghana Embassy and talk to anyone, just anyone on sight and discuss our plight with them.

It was as if he knew us already. We numbered about fifteen (15) the ambassador had time for us. He listened, and was fully concerned in our plight.

He then took time to attend to us, gave us food, clothed and looked after us as if we are part of his family. Indeed ambassador Sinare put a smile on our faces and since then the offices of the Embassy has become our second home.

‘’if this is what all ambassadors do to Ghanaians living in other countries am sure every Ghanaian will have no course to complain in a foreign land.’’

I write not to flatter H.E but to expose his good deeds for the world to know how professional and wonderful he is. In fact he did not attend to only Ghanaians but all manner of people-trouble doesn’t know color.

We are highly grateful to the Ghanaian ambassador to Egypt for his show of magnanimity in the face of severe hardship and life threatening activities.

‘’He always picked his call ready to advice you one way or the other. We have seen very few of his kind in other countries, not many people do what he is doing.’’

I write on behalf of Ghanaians living in Egypt to show appreciation and gratitude for the professional manner with which Alhaji Sinare supported and shared our sorrows with us.

He is indeed an epitome of the better Ghana agenda being pursued by his government.

We are not members of any political party but the show of love and respect towards us by this man, we are now proud and we walk head up.

I wish to also congratulate government for the support to Ghanaians studying outside. Indeed you have our support at all times. ‘’we shan’t disappoint our home land Ghana.

May Allah bless Alhaji Said Sinare! God Bless Ghana!!