Diasporian News of Saturday, 1 March 2014

Source: Afrikan Post

Apostolic Governance Convention Ends

with massive deliverance and Miracles

With a mission to reach the unreached and to empower the reached, Nkum’s World Outreach Ministries in conjunction with Christ Dynamic Church International organized a six day conference under the banner of Apostolic Governance with “Under Cover” as the theme.
The international conference which was the first to be hosted in the Washington Metro Area brought together an array of international worshippers.
Apostle Emmanuel Nkum, the main speaker for the convention preached series of soul inspiring messages on breaking out of poverty, connecting with the right people, and seeking God’ protection and empowerment.
The Apostle took the congregation through several testimonies on how God’s unmerited favor has changed lives in his ministry.
The conference veered to a different level when the Apostle unleashed miracles and deep prophecies on people’s lives. Many people dazed under the anointing and could barely stand on their foot which was an indication that the presence of the Holy Spirit was strong. Each day the attendees gave shouts of affirmation and confirmation anytime Apostle Nkum made startling revelations about people’s lives. The core of his message was centered on being under cover in order to discover ones inner potential.

Apostle Emmanuel Nkum is the President of Nkum's World Outreach Organization, Inc., a ministry that gives mentorship and fatherhood to Ministers and believers through Conferences, Workshops, Teaching, Training and Healing Services. He is the CEO of League of professional, Founder of Widows and Orphans Forum (W.O.R.F.O), President of Young Minister's Network and Founder of Strategic Advanced Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.). a regular speaker on various satellite television and radio stations. In 2011 received an honored and was given an award as the Ambassador of Peace by the United Nations. In addition to being the President of the Association of International Gospel Assemblies (AIGA) which is a body of ministers of like faith all over the world that promote unity in the body of Christ with headquarters in De Soto Missouri, he is also the President and Founder of Zenith Christian Center with branches in Italy, London, Ghana and the United States. Apostle Nkum provides Apostolic covering to several ministries in over 57 countries in the World.

Apostle Evan Ahmed Nyarko a charismatic preacher and founder of the Switzerland based world renowned Christ Dynamic Chapel International teamed up with Apostle Nkum to steer the affairs of the six day power packed convention. He set the ball rolling each night as the fore runner to Apostle Nkum and led the worshippers through prayers of intercession. The team efforts and combined anointing of Apostle Emmanuel Nkum, Apostle Evan Ahmed Nyarko and Rev. Thomas Bai- Kamara made a big difference as burdens were broken and the afflicted received redemption at the A and C Banquet Hall in Woodbridge, Virginia where the events were held.
A man who came to the convention on the last day gave up his walking stick and started walking on his own to the admiration of all. Another lady who had been diagnosed with arthritis could bend her knees for the first time in years after an encounter with the men of God. The convention ended on Monday February 24th with destinies changed.
The Apostolic Governance Convention would be held every three months. The date of the next event is yet to be announced.