Diasporian News of Sunday, 26 January 2014

Source: NDC UK/Ireland CHapter

The Best Tribute we can give Komla Dumor

The sudden death of Komla Dumor came as a massive shock to me and all of us. As I
read and listen to all the tributes that are coming through, they all point to
the same direction. The fact that, he was a very dedicated hard working young
man. His sense of duty, his commitment, attitude to work, his
professionalism,and his outstanding achievements, his contribution to humanity
and development. His passion for the Africa as a whole and Ghana in particular
had not been over emphasised.

The best tribute we can give to Komla Dumor especially our youth are to
re-dedicate themselves and emulate all that Komla stood for. This also include
to strive for excellence. Commit and dedicate themselves to hard work towards
Humanity and National Development.

In our sorrows and our grieving we should take a sober reflection on our lives,
assess our efforts and contributions to National Development and Humanity and
see if we are proud of our selves and if others can be proud of us. Nation
building is a collective effort and we must not just contribute our efforts, but
excel in our efforts. We must look at our productivity as individuals and as a
Nation and challenge our minds and our attitudes to work and National

>> Komla lived his life and excel in his efforts and contributions to Nation
building and Humanity. The best we can give to Komla is to continue in the same
way he committed himself in the effort to help Humanity and contribute to
National Development.

>> My heart and thoughts goes out to his wife and children, his family and loved
ones. May his soul find rest in the Perfect Peace of God.
>> Kofi Kwakye.
>> Chairman NDC UK/Ireland CHapter.