Diasporian News of Sunday, 18 August 2013

Source: George Annor

En-Aydee Is A Year Older Today

Germany based sensational Gospel Artist, Noah Asare, Known in Showbiz as En-Aydee is a year older today 18 of August. To celebrate this great day he is performing life in his local church, Hour Of Light Ministries.

The Eshee hit maker has toured the whole of Europe with his maiden album which has attracted a lot of interest from mostly the African communities. This year being the first year to come out with such a wonderful album has made the year added to his years very important and worth celebrating.

Speaking to him he expressed a lot of joy for the far God has brought him. He confessed that he has never celebrated his birthday in all his almost a decade in Europe life like the way he is doing this particular birthday. The father of two and a beautiful wife was overjoyed because since he ventured into the gospel music business some 12 years ago, it is only this year that he has been able to bring out his first album although he has a bank of songs written down.

As God will want it, his first son was born on the same day as him so the two, father and son are celebrating their birthday on the same day. The Ayikoo singer is praising God in a special way for the, as he put it; “undeserved favours” He has granted him.

Everything is almost set for him to hit The Ghanaian scene with his album of ten astonishing hits which is promising to change the gospel music terrain in Ghana. Haven reached far with his plans of touring Africa the I'm Blessed singer is set to make a great impact on Africa at large. The talented song writer has combined good African tunes and rhythms, passionate worship, reggae and unique tunes you will hardly hear in other Ghanaian gospel music to change the taste and gospel music diet of his listeners. He sing in fluent English, Twi, Yoruba, Benin and his native tongue; Nafaanra. The Remember me singer has on this album shown what he has cultivated in his years of following Gospel music and the things of God.

Called into Ministry at the age of fourteen, he is blessed with a zealous heart to pursue God wherever he has lived. His first mark in the things of God was a book in his credit which he named WILL YOU CALL IT A BIBLE? A book he wrote three years after his arrival in Europe whilst he was in Milan, Italy.

It is after this book that he started working on this album and after two years he has brought it out with the title; “I'M BLESSED”. It is a creative and marvellous combination of God’s praises, words of Advice and encouragement and a general spreading of the Gospel of Christ. The songs are meant to reach out to all ages and classes of people.

In Thanking the Lord for what he has done he said; “I am short of words to praise God. I am emotional about this particular birthday because after many years of struggle to praise God through music openly and more extensively, it is this year that God has granted me the chance and the grace to Adore him in places my own foot may never have stepped. I am particularly grateful because there were a lot of challenges but God has seen me through all. All I will say is Baba Eshee, you have done me well. I advice up and coming musicians to learn from my experience and wait on God patiently because in his time he does everything beautiful. And to my fans I want to say that this is just the beginning, greater works are still ahead”.

George Annor. george.annor@yahoo.com