Diasporian News of Saturday, 2 February 2013

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1st Annual ADYA Fundraiser for Sankofa Tutoring System

SEATTLE - February, 2013. On February 28, 2013 at 6:30 pm; In the Spirit of Black History Month, ADYA welcomes the community to its 1st annual fundraiser at Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park. This BLACK TIE or Traditional Attire will introduce the Innovators of ADYA and the Sankofa Tutoring System™, a silent auction with a collection of products from our sponsors including items by premium designer Nii Lartey De Osu, and his premium brand NEODANDI House of Couture. The event also features special performances by traditional African dancers with cultural showcase, NEODANDI fashion show, and Jace of Black Stax.

The night also includes influential Keynote speakers: Antoinette Malveaux - Managing Director of Strategic Engagement and Initiatives at Casey Family Programs, and current President of Seattle Central Community College Foundation Board. Host & M.C., Zynovia Hetherington is the Director of the Child Welfare Training and Advancement Program at the University of Washington. Closing statement by the renowned Peter Gishuru, currently the CEO of African Chamber of Commerce P.N.W.

ADYA (Afrikan Descent Youth Affairs) was founded in 2010 as a 501c3 non-profit organization by former business and computer science students from UW, CWU, SU and NYIT. The organization’s mission is to empower youth of color to become future leaders, to excel in academia, develop into entrepreneurs and sustainable citizens. ADYA’s uniqueness is driven by young professionals from diverse social backgrounds that are combining their skill sets to find solutions to our generation’s social and economic challenges. In 2011, the National Assessment of Educational Progress reported nationwide 8th grade math average as follows: 35% of black 8th grade students are at basic level, 14% at proficiency level, 1% at advanced level and 50% are below the basic math level. These figures indicate a threat to sustaining our communities socially and economically. ADYA intends to continue engineering sustainable solutions to meet its mission and welcomes the community to join in achieving its goals.

The organization launched the Sankofa Tutoring SystemTM (Sankofa- An African concept meaning to go back and retrieve) through partnership with academic institutions and community organizations such as Franklin High School, UW Pipeline Department and Austin Foundations, at the beginning of the 2011-12 academic school year. The STSTM program at Franklin High School and Austin Foundations focuses on working with students that are at the highest risk of failing. The STSTM heralded great success in its first year of launching, ending the school year showing substantial improvements for students in Math courses. At the end of the school year, ADYA organized a VIP tour of Boeing’s engineering plant in Everett for students within the STSTM program to experience the impact of Math & Science in real life.

Talented premium designer NiiLartey De Osu, and his premium brand NEODANDI House of Couture will present clothing that will be a part of the silent auction. NEODANDI is a 21st Century fashion house that brings spiritually imbued clothing with unique design styles that use function as form to augment personal growth. NEODANDI believes in the true marketability of health and well-being in the design process, holding the individual as the prize in the heart of the design philosophy. NEODANDI believes that each person has something unique to offer the world and understands the importance of human capital. This is why NEODANDI is honored to support ADYA in the cause of tapping into the human potential that exists in the at-risk youth in the Seattle high school system.

Can you imagine a future for our youth without productive education? We welcome you to join us to prepare the youth for the future!

For event registration and tickets please visit http://www.adyaeffect.org, or Contact Ahmed Agyeman at agyeman@adyaeffect.org - 1.858.859.ADYA

ADYA | P.O. Box 1055, Seattle, WA 98111