Diasporian News of Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Source: NPP Denmark

NPP Denmark Affirms Support

We in the NPP Denmark, wish to affirm our unflinching support for the on-going court challenge that seeks to overturn the declaration of John Mahama as having been duly elected president of the Republic of Ghana. We have absolute confidence in the evidence the petitioners have gathered to prove the marked irregularities that impugned the integrity of the votes called for John Mahama by the electoral commission in the elections conducted in December 2012.
We call for the continuous support of all NPP supporters, civil society groups and all people who truly believe in the democratic quest of Ghana as the major step to economic development not to waiver in their support of the path chosen by the petitioners with the tacit support of the National Executive Committee.
We implore on characters like Dr. Wireko Brobbey to appreciate the rational for the on-going legal suit as it will define the conduct of future elections in Ghana. His outbursts at this point in time are needless to say the least. Let us remember that we hold it to future generations as a nation to build a sustainable democracy where the right of the citizenry to choose their leaders is paramount and revered.
We commend Ghanaians for keeping the peace and stability of our dear country in the face of doubtful elections.
We sincerely commend the National Executive Committee of the party and especially the 2012 presidential candidate, Nana Akufo Addo for the leadership shown so far in supporting the peace and stability of Ghana. Nana Akufo Addo has once again demonstrated his avowed commitment to the democratic ideals of the Republic of Ghana. We are confident the path chosen will immensely impact on the supremacy of the rule law and impact positively on the future conduct of free and fair elections in Ghana.
Indeed, the decision of Nana Addo and the others to seek justice at the Supreme Court in accordance with the law is commendable, noble and novel in our sub region. We live in a sub region where aggrieved political leaders after the conduct of disputed elections often resort to the alternative which is brutal and uncivil in their quest to solving similar situations. The brutal and uncivil alternative often leads to civil unrest, intimidation, violence, social disorder and eventually paramilitary fight with all its associated scourge and humanitarian challenges.
The choice taken by Nana Addo and the others with the tacit support of the National Executive Council and the entire members of our party put Ghana on the sustainable path of constitutionalism defined by the rule of law which marks the social and economic development of most Western European countries and the United States of America.
We condemn in no uncertain terms the action of the thugs who thronged the Supreme Courts precincts wearing NDC’s T-shirts with canes and sticks ostensibly to intimidate law abiding citizens who decided to visit the Supreme Court during the hearing of the NDC’s application to join the on-going electoral challenge in the court.
We find as irresponsible and unfortunate, the spin the General Secretary of the NDC, Asiedu Nketia, put on the actions of the thugs. Instead for him to have unreservedly condemned the situation, he rather chose to insinuate that the thugs could have been organized by the NPP. His assertion beats common sense, decency and the enviable democratic legacy of the NPP. If the NPP believed in organising thugs to resolve the alleged electoral irregularities that aided disputed president John Mahama’s election, the petitioners would not have gone to court with
We encourage all NPP supporters to remain calm, steadfast and allow the court to settle the matter in spite of the utter provocation of the NDC.
We encourage the Ghana Police Service to live up to its mission of maintaining law and order in our society. The police have the responsibility to deal fairly, swiftly and decisively with irate people under such circumstances in order to boost the confidence of the populace in their work.

Finally, we affirm our confidence in the judiciary. We believe it will dispense justice independently to uphold the conscience of the society in the electoral process. The decision of the Supreme Court will have far reaching effect on the future conduct of elections in Ghana and we hope it will give true meaning to the essence of voting in a democracy.

Long live Ghana and Long live NPP.
Thank you.

Executive Committee NPP Denmark