Diasporian News of Thursday, 15 November 2012

Source: NDC USA

NDC USA To Come & Vote .....


The National Organizer of the NDC USA, Mr. S. B. Agyapong, has disclosed that, the NDC USA national executives is delighted to receive several information from its members from the entire branches of the party in the United States, (who went to Ghana and registered) expressing their zeal and enthusiasm to go and vote, as well as help its mother party in Ghana to monitor the elections.

Speaking in an interview after one of the virtual “editorial meetings” or Conference Calls of the Communications & Research team of the party in the US, which he is the Coordinator, Mr. Agyapong said, the USA NDC Diaspora, as other Diaspora branches across the Pacific, take this election with all seriousness it deserves, due to the fact that, their counterpart(NPP in the US Diaspora), whose mother party is so desperate and aggressive for power, are planning to storm the country, in huge numbers and target some rural areas with the evil intention of confusing voters on the election day to vote for them or spoil their ballot papers. This highly secretive information was eavesdropped or overheard by a Good Samaritan, who although not NDC member, but out of love for His Excellency President Mahama, called and warned them to be on the alert.

He stated that, the party is so optimistic of one touch victory, which he hopes the Ghanaian electorate will give to them, especially due to the sudden death of late President Mills, whose Better Ghana Agenda policies of socio-economic improvement, had been implemented before his death and are still being implemented. Mr. Agyapong therefore urged his kith and kin in the NDC in Ghana to be proactive but non-violent in their campaign and to be on full alert on the election day, in order to enable them detect and expose the NPP agents, home and abroad who are willing to steal the electoral verdict and thereby disturb the enviable peace and stability of the nation. The National Organizer commended his team and other Diasporan NDC communicators for the effective use they are making of the social media networks and the internet to market and showcase the President to the Ghanaian electorate, who assumed the party’s flagbearship position within some few months before the elections. Adding that, the President is soaring and surging in polls and popularity exponentially, by virtue of their utilization of these state-of-the-art and modern tools of mass communications.

Mr. Agyapong urged President Mahama not be perturbed by the opposition’s smear and slur campaign and criticism of corruption and tribalism against him, which he said, ironically are two traits that characterized the NPP during its eight year in office, and are still campaigning with ethnocentric and tribalistic undertones. He underscored that, President Mahama, who made a lot of effort to improve upon the socio-economic status of his people in his own small ways, since he was a minister and an MP, when he never thought of becoming Ghana’s President in the last decade, also has the right to canvass for votes from his clan, if others who have not done anything tangible to their people in the North (Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia) and the Akan regions (Nana Akufo Addo) could do that.

Story: Husseini Y. BabalWaiz, Press Secretary, NDC US