Diasporian News of Friday, 2 November 2012

Source: Agbodzah, Francis

NDC Washington Metro Branch is Proud of Mahama

NDC Washington Metro Branch is Proud of President Mahama's sterling Debate Performance.

The NDC Washington DC branch wishes to congratulate President John Dramani Mahama for acquitting himself very credibly during the Presidential Debate in Tamale, Ghana. The event which was watched by thousands of Ghanaians in the Diaspora because it was streamed live via the Internet, saw the President displaying an in depth knowledge of all the sectors of Ghana. We remain very proud of the President's performance, we are encouraged that the President clearly outlined the achievements and plans of government in the agricultural, educational, health, energy, manpower (employment) sectors as well as the NDC led administration's successful management of the economy. As the president stated the NDC led government has reduced inflation to a single digit and increased economic growth by double digits, governments’ investments in agriculture remains unprecedented. In education government has not only established two universities, it has built 1700 elementary schools, renovated hundreds of SHS schools increased salaries of teachers and the capitation grants for SHS institutions.

It is our view that the President's in depth knowledge of the issues, as compared to the NPP flag bearer who when asked for the source of his data simply referred to the Internet as his source which shows clearly which party is serious about the development of Ghana. The NPP's plans for education is impractical and confused, all the NPP Presidential candidate could speak to was Free SHS, he could not address the issue of teacher remuneration and training, nor could he address the glaring deficits in infrastructure that exists in Ghana's educational sector. Again and again the NPP flag bearer was found wanting when faced with facts and figures, this was the case in the areas of the National Health Insurance Scheme and the larger Health sector, Agriculture, Energy and the Economy.

President Mahama remained cool, calm and presidential all through the debate. His statements were backed with reliable figures which were from official sources. Notwithstanding the unpresidential conduct and comments of Nana Akuffo Addo, President Mahama maintained his composure and properly and professionally addressed the problems of Ghana. The President will continue to advance the Better Ghana Agenda, and we the NDC Washington Metro Branch remain proud of the President performance.

Mr. President, NDC Washington Metro Branch congratulates you. We wish you the best come December 7 and we confidently await the one-touch victory.

Eye Zu! Eye Za!


Francis Agbodzah (Secretary), NDC Washington Metro