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3G Endorses CEANA 2012 in Houston, TX - Sept 1-3

3G Media is proud to be a part of CEANA 2012 as Ewe Associations in North
America head to Houston, TX for their 19th Annual convention - Sept. 1-3
2012. Every year the CEANA convention has always been inspiring and it has
really had an impact on the Eweland over the years. All the Ewe
associations come together as one family and the common goal is supporting
the Eweland, Volta Region, Togo and Benin. It is definitely worth for all
to be a part and 3G Media has been a media partner of this huge event for
many years. It is a weekend of fun, culture and diversity. The host of the
convention is the Ewe Association of Houston,TX (
www.eweassociationofhouston.org). If you live in Houston, TX and its
surrounding cities, CEANA comes to town and "ALL ARE INVITED, SEE U THERE!!"
*CEANA means Council of Ewe Associations of North America (
*It is an organization which unites Ewe associations and organizations in
the United States, Canada, and around the world under one umbrella.

The goal of CEANA is to promote and assist in the Socio-Economic and
Cultural development of our homeland; Eweland: Volta Region, Togo and

The Theme for this year is; "Youth Education & Entrepreneurship. The Engine
of Economic Empowerment in Eweland
For details on the convention please click on the Convention Schedule on
the link below;

* http://ceanaonline.org/news/Ceana_2012_Conv_Schedule.pdf

In the News as written previously by; Dr. PN Abotchie,President, CEANA &

The 19th Annual Council of Ewe Associations of North America Convention
(CEANA) was launched in Houston, TX, on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 24, 2011. The
launching marks the beginning of programs and activities that will
culminate in the three-day CEANA convention on Labor Day weekend, 2012, in

CEANA, a high-profile nonprofit organization that operates as an umbrella
group for all Ewe Associations in North America, organizes an annual
convention in one North American city to round off its activities for the
year. The Ewe Association of Houston, the hosts of the 2012 convention,
organized the well-attended launching event to mark the start of
preparatory activities toward CEANA 2012. The ceremony was held at the
popular Rose’s Gardens Banquet Hall in Southwest Houston.

The evening began with the arrival of invited guests, and leaders of
various Ghanaian and Togolese associations. Some of the notable invited
guests included Dr. Araba Aikins, the President of Ghana Association of
Houston; Roukiya Karim, the President of the Togolese Association of
Houston; Mr. Nii Obli-Armah of Ga-Adagme Association of Greater Houston;
Dr. Sam Forjuoh, the President of Asante Kroye Kuo; Nana Serwaa Akoto,
Asantefuohema of Houston; Rev. Anane-Sekyere of United Ghanaian
Presbyterian Church of Houston; Rev. Fosu Akyea of First Love International
Church, Rev. Nyaho of San Antonio, and representatives from Ewe Association
of Dallas, in addition to other church and community leaders. Highlights of
the ceremony include a launching address by Dr. Peter N. Abotchie, the
current CEANA President, who appealed to the community to develop an
interest in charitable giving as well as in organized programs that are
geared toward facilitating the development of our local districts back
home. The major fundraising event of the evening was a mega raffle, which
included prizes such as widescreen Toshiba HDTV, Asus notebook PC, as well
as Dumas wax prints and multiple African-wear. Authentic Ewe cuisine was on
display by the hardworking women of the Ewe Association, and guests had
multiple servings of yakayake, abolo, akple, dzenkple, ayikple, aboboi,
fetridetsi, amadetsi, azidetsi, in addition to the ubiquitous kenkey,
wakye, jollof, etc. DJ Kissi performed flawlessly, as he dished out a
seamless ensemble of agbadza, bobobo, azonto, old and new Togolese,
Beninois, and Ghanaian highlife/Hihlife tunes for the entertainment of
patrons. The event, which was aptly described by many as ‘festive’, was
thoroughly enjoyed by Ewes and non-Ewes alike.

Over 750 attendants are expected to attend CEANA 2012 on Labor Day weekend
(Aug 31-Sep 2, 2012) including delegates from cities in the United States,
Canada, and Europe, and traditional rulers from Ghana, Togo, and Benin. The
ambassadors of Ghana, Togo and Benin are also expected to attend. The
convention will offer a series of symposiums on: Youth education, Youth
entrepreneurship, and Economic empowerment as the vehicle for the
development of Eweland.

Current CEANA Member Associations are: Ewe Association of Houston; United
Volta Association - New York; Volta Association – Washington, DC; Ewe
Association of Chicago; Ewe Association of Colorado; Ewe Multicultural
Association of Alberta; Ewe Alliance of U.S.A.; Ewe Association of Georgia
(Atlanta); Ewe Association of Dallas; Ewe Multicultural Association of
Ontario (Toronto); Ewe-Canadian Cultural Organization of Ontario; Ewe
Habobo of Southern California; Ewe Association of New England; Mile Novisi
of Florida (Miami); Ewe Association of Quebec; Novinyo Habobo of Delaware
Valley, Philadelphia; Ewe Association of Mississippi/Arkansas/ Louisiana;
Ewe Association of North Carolina; Global Partners for African Development.

Visit www.eweassociationofhouston.org for further information on CEANA 2012.

Dr. PN Abotchie,

President, CEANA & EAH