Diasporian News of Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Source: Divine Prayer Line

Prophet Adonteng Boateng & The Divine Prayer Line

Divine Prayer line led by Prophet Adonteng Boateng is becoming huge with many number of callers daily. The man of God's popular catchphrase; "AMENOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" is becoming an anthem in America.
Prophet Adonteng Boateng is admired by many for his inspiration. Many callers from all over the world join the prayer line and share their testimonies about how their lives have changed since becoming part of Divine Prayer.
There are two services; 10am-12 noon - daily and the night time; 10pm -12 midnight. During one night's prayer service, the total number of callers joining the prayer line was over 4000.

*A Known Fact*

This is a life changing experience for many Ghanaians in the Diaspora!

You may have seen or heard of conference prayer lines. Among these conference line comes oneparticular group called, THE DIVINE PRAYER LINE, lead by Prophet Kofi AdontengBoateng. This sui generis Conference Prayer line is able to generate anattendance of up to four thousand in a single session. How does one organizethousands of Christians to pray on the phone twice daily for hours, and somecalling from Africa, Asia and Europe? This is definitely a divine action forsure. The most intriguing part ofthe group is not only the consistency in the numbers of participants, but thefact that it reaches across denomination and faith. It’s so amazing how someconfess to be Muslims, but join others in praying to Jesus Christ. What aphenomena! There have been miracles after miracles on this prayer line each morning and eveningsessions. (10am-12pm) And (10pm-12am)

In August 2010, this prayer group organized their firstconvention in Hartford, Connecticut. This three-day event changed destinies andsaved lives. Sickness healed, destinies restored, and many received prophesy ontheir lives. Those who attended this convention experienced the power and theanointing of God. There were so many testimonies and miracles at thisconvention. A gentleman in a wheelchair who suffers from stroke was able towalk away from that wheelchair! Demons were driven out of many and manyrededicated their lives to Jesus Christ. The theme for this convention wasCROSSING OVER. Indeed, many did cross over in their lives. These three dayswere filled with powerful praise and worship services. Grace Danso, HannahMarfo and Stella Addo were all at hand to lead the worship. All the attendeesspoke to were very excited and were looking forward to the next convention.

There is Revival coming up in Virginia in October 29-31,Ohio in November 12-14, New York in December 29-31 and Chicago is yet toschedule. Judging by fact thatthere’s going to be another convention in the Eastern Seaboard of United Stateswithin such a short window after the first is ipso facto that the conventionwas indeed a success and blessing to many who attended.

I’m encouraging you to visit this prayer line at theirwebsite

www.divineprayerline.org or join the prayer session at+1712-432-0075 Access 190345# on each day: Morning (10am-12pm) & Evening (10pm-12am)

Amen! Amenoooo!