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Diasporian News of Thursday, 26 July 2007

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Working at Delta Airline

Eric Amankwah is a well-liked, hardworking, enterpreneur with an enormous experience in the travel industry. Eric Amankwah who owns his home based travel agency; One Cedi Travel is also a top official working at Delta. Eric speaks to Ghanaweb about his successs.

Since I was young, I have always been ambitious and hard-working. My hard-working attitude allowed me to earn a scholarships for both my high school and college education. Since then I have kept the same attitude and used it along with the skills that I have acquired to get to where I am today. I love pushing myself and getting the most I can out of life. Juggling two full-time jobs, as well as my own personal business on the side, I am often working around the clock to my physical maximum. I was brought up to believe that in this country you can only achieve success by working hard. I have seen how others have to struggle every day just to make ends meet and I make sure that I give the maximum effort in everything that I do. I was also taught that while it is important to succeed and do well, you must also be caring and give back to others. There will always be individuals that need a helping hand and need guidance. Those who are in the position to help others in need have a responsibility to do so. That is what leaders do, and it is what I try to do in my own life.

Working at Delta Airlines is a great job for me because I get the satisfaction of helping others each day. I get excited meeting new people and enjoy the many encounters that I have with customers. I am very friendly and easy going, so I often have long, intimate conversations with customers at Delta, as well as at my other job working at Hampton Inn. I love the feeling that comes with helping others, and I am fortunate enough to have two jobs where it is my duty to provide assistance for others. Every day I strive to be compassionate and considerate whenever I am dealing with customers. Each individual has different needs, and it is my responsibility to make sure that they are met. My personable attitude also serves me well when I am working on a team. I thrive when working in a group, and I am always willing to help out new team members.

Working at JFK as a Ghanaian-American, I have been able to offer help that is not always offered. Many foreigners enter and leave this country through JFK, and it is easy for them to have difficulties because they are unfamiliar with the environment. I am able to provide a bridge for Ghanaians who want to travel through JFK. I enjoy the excitement that I see on the face of Ghanaian customers who are grateful to have one of their own assisting them. They appreciate me even more because they like to see an American-born Ghanaians who appreciate and value Ghanaian culture and still have ties to Ghana. I am very proud to be a Ghanaian and I love being able to help others from the same country. My love for helping other Africans prompted me to start my own business called One Cedi Travel. It is a home-based travel agency that specializes in flights to African destinations. I understand how important it is for Africans living in the US to go back home and visit their original countries. I decided that I could be an excellent facilitator for this and make it much easier for Africans to book affordable and convenient flights home.

No matter what I am doing in life, I am always trying to lead a good example. I hope to be a role model and inspire other Ghanaian-Americans to show support to our Motherland Ghana. I want them to be proud of their background and culture. I want them to see that it is possible to be successful in this country as Ghanaian-American. I want them to be inspired to help others and inspire others to do the same .

Unlike many young Ghanaian-Americans, Eric Amankwah is very up-to-date with ongoing political events in Ghana. Eric is a proven entrepreneur, down to earth and always willing to take advise from the well experienced, he blends in wherever he goes and feels proud about the community. He has also taken upon himself to update Delta Airlines about the community's concerns that has to be dealt with immediately. He always promotes Delta Airlines at any event he attends. Eric is one of the future leaders of Ghana and worth emulating.

Kwabena Manu a.k.a. "Pancho" and Mr. CNN of Ghanaweb fame would like to congratulate Eric Amankwah for his good works and say "Eric, keep up the good work and you are definitely a perfect example for our youth."