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Diasporia News of Friday, 17 January 2020

Source: Maxwell Okamafo Addo

The journey of Ms Staci Sherri, a working woman and a woman of hearts

Staci Sherri and some of the beneficiaries Staci Sherri and some of the beneficiaries

“Humanitarian actions of Ms Staci Sherri from the United States of America are the visible effects of her deep commitment to improving the human condition, especially the generosity of a woman who is attentive to vulnerabilities and the pain of humanity.'

Ms Staci Sherri has taken it upon herself to help raise awareness about the women in the Shea Nut industry in the Northern Region of Ghana. She is also helping and assisting women by wiping their tears.

Staci Sherri who is a Fashion designer believes in Enhancing outer beauty while fostering inner beauty.

Staci’s 360 brand embody fashion, beauty, travel and charity...It’s a lifestyle but make it Fashion.

She says her mission is Motivating and empowering underprivileged communities in Africa and America to embrace their unique attributes, talents and also bridging the gap between the between African and Americans; Breaking barriers of stigmas of our differences due to geographical location. Shes reiterated the need of creating a partnership between Africa and America, so that the African and American can connect and use each other's resources to gain strength and heal their past traumas. She says 10% of all shea butter sales are donated back to the women in the villages of Africa. These proceeds will help the women and their children financially with basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education and health care. In addition to the Shea butter proceeds of Staci Sherri clothing sales are also donated.

The Staci Sherri Lifestyle brand has a three-fold mission

1) bridge the gap between the African and American women. Breaking barriers of stigmas of their differences due to geographical location.

2) To support economic resurgence and sustainable with shea butter in the United States by solely partnering with women in the villages making the butter; and

3) To represent and infuse messages that empower, inspire and encourage our women and kids to advance themselves in a positive direction.

Ms Staci’s mantra of “when I grow up, I want to be just like me” reflects her deep commitment to represent a positive message for her consumers to acknowledge and embrace their unique attributes and talents.

On January 9th,2020 Staci traveled to Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana to make good on her promise. She met with women from the region last year on February 27th 2019 and made a promise, she will not only enter the Shea butter business but she will help the women personally. She has been named Suhuyini “which mean One heart or the faithful one”.

On January 9th, 2020 she returned and gifted the women building materials such as bags of cement, trips of sand and paid for Labour covered cost to improve working environment. The ladies complained how difficult it was to work on dirt as they a processing the Shea butter. During this visit the women showed their gratitude. With a passion for humanity Staci took note of the women’s needs, concerns and promised to continue assist them for their betterment. This help would reduce the amount of labor on them, provide additional resources for their family and health care.

Ms Staci is a woman who is highly innovative and does not slack in pursuing her mission in fulfilling her set goals.

She is a very good example of the woman in Proverbs 31:10-30.

As I continue to monitor her activities, Ms Staci Personally has been working hard in order to contribute towards the improvement of women's through her own initiative. Also, she is complimenting the efforts of more women in that area in order to harness the great potential of Shea butter in Ghana.

Through her intervention program Staci believes Women in the Shea Nuts industry needs more help with the primary objective to help improve the lives and well-being of women and the less privileged members of the society which is amongst her topmost priorities.

Ms Staci has shown that she is an active woman since coming to Ghana. She is at the forefront by helping other women achieve their dreams. Her devotions to charity is Exemplary. Ms Staci says she wants to continue with the significant work in promoting greater emphasis on women in the Shea butter industry. She says her passion for social commitment was motivated by her own beliefs from childhood, hence her actions as a philanthropist who wants to constantly conduct humanitarian missions in order, to bring aid and comfort to underprivileged women in Society.

Staci says since her upbringing, she has always wanted to be a care giver. We pray so that Staci Sherri would continue with her good works for women in Ghana through her laudable efforts as a Care giver who is attentive to the plight of Humanity – She has brought joy where tears are and has given hope where hopelessness had been an abiding companion, she has restored a sense of self and endless possibilities where despondency had once held sway.