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Diasporian News of Saturday, 15 December 2012

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Police Invasion Of NPP Facility Is Reprehensible -NPP-Germany

The Germany Branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) unequivocally condemns the illegal entry into the coalition facility of the NPP and the subsequent confestication of documents and other materials belonging to the Party. We view this barbaric action by the police as unacceptable and a blatant violation of the constitution and reckless abuse and misuse of power which must be condemned by all well-meaning Ghanaians.

Like all Ghanaians we find it very reprehensible that the Police will enter a private facility without a search warrant and hold the occupants hostage at gun-point while property belonging to those occupants were being looted and carried away. The action by the police is not only shameless, it has also damaged the image and reputation of the Ghana police service both locally and internationally We are equally appalled by the reasons given by the Police administration for this unlawful action which by all standards defies common sense and internationally acceptable policing methods. Indeed the reasons do not by any stretch of imagination justify the action. The claim by the police that they were looking for arms sounds rather infantile to say the least and convinces no one else apart from the police themselves.

The purpose of that illegal operation was mainly to destroy the evidence that the NPP was gathering to build a case at the Supreme Court and one does not need to be a rocket scientist to realize that this illegal and irresponsible operation was politically motivated. In fact it had nothing to do with protecting national security as the police administration is desperately trying to make the public to believe.

NPP Germany is convinced that what happened at the NPP facility is nothing but state-sponsored terrorism perpetrated by a government that has lost the trust and confidence of the people of Ghana but bent on imposing itself on them through the use of force. We wish to remind President John Dramani Mahama that no amount of force can stop the will of a determined people and Ghanaians are determined to ensure that the will they expressed on December 7 by voting overwhelmingly for Nana Akuffo-Addo is not reversed through the use of force.

God Bless Our Home Land Ghana

And make our Nation Great and Strong

BOLD TO DEFEND FOR EVER THE CAUSE OF FREEDOM AND OF RIGHT Signed Kwaku Anane-Gyinde Director of Communication NPP-German